Waltons New School of Music - Give the Gift of Music this Christmas

Give the Gift of Music this Christmas

at Waltons New School of Music

Do you have a friend or family member who is musically inclined? Consider a meaningful and long-lasting gift – the gift of music – this holiday season.

Waltons New School of Music offers tuition in the widest range of instruments and styles (classical, traditional, jazz, popular, world music) of any music school in Ireland, as well as a variety of courses, workshops and ensembles. We have something to suit virtually anyone with an interest in music.

Two gift options are available:

  • Gift Certificates
    Individually printed with the recipient's name, gift certificates can cover entire courses (or course + instrument packages), a term of private or partner lessons, or single Tasters or Intensive Lessons.
  • Gift Cards
    Purchased for a particular value (minimum €25), electronic gift cards can be used by the recipient towards all lessons, courses and workshops taught at Waltons New School of Music, as well as towards instruments, accessories and books at Waltons Music shops.

Gift ideas – by price – are listed below. (For other lessons, courses and workshops offered by the New School, see our Lesson/Course Catalogue.)

€45 • One-Hour Bodhrán or Tin Whistle Taster

Designed for absolute beginners of all ages and running since 1999, our one-hour Irish Music Tasters have introduced hundreds of people from all over the world to the beautiful melodies and infectious rhythms of Irish music. The fee above is for a one-hour bodhrán or tin whistle taster lesson for one person, but we can provide tasters for two, three or more people as well. Irish Music Tasters can also include a bodhrán or tin whistle at specially reduced prices.

'I loved our bodhrán lesson with Éamonn – patient, witty, amicable and an expert musician – especially when he taught me a rhythm and then he accompanied me on his flute. Great fun! Would absolutely recommend this top notch experience!'
– M. Hughes

‘Fantastic way to spend an hour learning something new. Relaxed atmosphere. Informal but very informative.’
– S. Muggleton

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€50 • One-Hour Intensive Lesson

One-off Intensive Lessons are available for almost all instruments (including voice/singing) and subjects taught at the school. They can be an end in themselves and are also a great way for people to 'try out' tuition and instruments.

‘My intensive [guitar] lesson was really helpful. Made daunting things seem a lot simpler.’
– D. Cadgen

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€60 • One-Hour Intensive Lesson for Two People

A shared Intensive Lesson can be a great experience for two! We recommend singing, bodhrán or tin whistle for those without any previous musical experience.

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€130 • 11-Week Term of our Sing Your Heart Out Choir

Led by a renowned choral director, the New School’s Sing Your Heart Out Choir is just the ticket for banishing the winter blues! Participants have the opportunity to sing some great songs with others, to find and improve their voices, to spend an hour and a half every week ‘singing their hearts out’ and making new friends in the process, and to perform in public for fun and entertainment.

‘Fun, challenging...with lots of good singing. The choir has improved my confidence, and I'm always in a good mood when the class is over. Cathy great!’
– S. Macken

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€170 • 10-Week 'Introducing' Instrumental or Singing Course for Beginners

The New School's Introducing Courses are designed for absolute beginners (no previous musical experience required) and provide excellent foundation tuition in nine popular instruments, as well as singing and world drumming.

Course + Instrument Packages are also available for most of the courses. These provide students entering the courses who don't already have instruments with everything they’ll need, delivered to their homes at no charge before the courses begin – and at discounted prices.

‘I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of learning and developing a new skill. This was further enhanced by the enthusiasm, motivation and continual encouragement and support of the teacher.’
– M. O’Reilly

‘The course was so much more than I expected. I learned so much and gained confidence within myself. The teacher was an inspiration!’
– C. McGowan

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€170 • 10-Week Acoustic Blues, Electric Blues or Trad Guitar Course

Our ‘Basics’ guitar courses introduce specialised styles and techniques to guitar players with some previous experience. Courses available in January include:

‘I learned more from this 10-week course than from trying to teach myself for over 10 years!’
– D. Farrelly

‘After each session I left with a smile on my face because I'd learned something new. Thank you very much and see you for another course.’
– M. Pardelinha

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€190 • 10-Week Introduction to Jazz Piano

Taught by Johnny Taylor, one of the finest jazz pianists and educators on the Irish music scene, and taking place in the New School’s digital piano lab, Jazz Piano Basics is a hands-on course designed to give classical piano students of at least intermediate level (Grade 5 or equivalent) a solid foundation in jazz piano. For the last two classes, students have the opportunity to apply their skills by working with a professional jazz bassist and jazz drummer.

‘Having had only "classical" training in the past, I have learned so much from this class. [The] approach to teaching jazz is both friendly and effective.’
– B. Moran

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€200 – 6-Week Songwriting Workshop

Taught by acclaimed songwriter and musician Kieran McEvoy, the Songwriting Workshop is an excellent introduction to songwriting that will help students break that writer's block, develop their creative ideas – in any musical style – and turn them into finished songs!

‘This course gave me great confidence in songwriting, and to have the guidance of a professional songwriter was so helpful. The course helped me both lyrically and musically to realise my songwriting potential, and I am now constantly writing new material.’
– A. Bradley

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€280 • 10-Week Introduction to Music Technology

Taking place in the New School's Music Technology Lab, Introducing Music Technology is a comprehensive, inexpensive and hands-on course designed to teach absolute beginners how a PC and home studio technology can be used to record and produce virtually anything at home.

‘The course surpassed my expectations...and gave me so much information and so many skills that I could take away and work with on my own.’
– A. Lyons

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€270 • 10-Week Vocal Workshops

For the singer in your life, our Vocal Workshops are an excellent way to explore different singing styles in depth. Each workshop also includes a final performance in which participants can showcase the material they have worked on before an audience of friends, family and other students. Our workshops include:

‘A fantastic course, high energy, wonderfully taught, with clear instruction and a great class atmosphere. I'd recommend it to anyone.’
– J. Ryan

‘I had a great time enjoying my passion for singing in a friendly atmosphere, and discovering new skills step by step with a very patient teacher who brings you as high as possible. An experience I advise for anyone interested in singing.’
– Y. Lotte

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€310 • 12-Week Term of Private (One-to-One) Music Lessons

We offer private (one-to-one) music lessons six days a week and in huge range of instruments/subjects and genres/styles. (See our Lesson/Course Catalogue for instruments/subjects taught.) The fee above is for 30-minute lessons in our Second Term (12 weeks long and running from the week of 9 – 14 January to the week of 3 – 8 April), but 45- and 60-minute lessons are also available. See Tuition Fees for more information.

‘I've known Waltons New School of Music for many years, and I've always had very good experiences with its exceptional teaching staff and level of education.’
– H. Garnerman

‘The teachers here are the best I've ever come across. I have been in the school for seven years and it has never let me down.’
– S. Killeen

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€380 • 12-Week Term of Partner Lessons for Two

Most people are very busy with their day-to-day lives, and there isn’t a lot of time put aside for each other. Shared 'partner lessons' are an enjoyable and satisfying way to explore music together. We offer partner lessons six days a week and in huge range of instruments/subjects and genres/styles. (See our Lesson/Course Catalogue for instruments/subjects taught.) The fee above is for 30-minute partner lessons in our Second Term (12 weeks long and running from the week of 9 – 14 January to the week of 3 – 8 April), but 45- and 60-minute partner lessons are also available. See Tuition Fees for more information.

'We are thoroughly enjoying our lessons together and plan to continue. The best part of the partner idea is that we can encourage and motivate each other. Also, our teacher is so patient and encouraging.'
– P. Devlin

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