Waltons New School of Music - It's Re-enrolment Time for All Term-Enrolled Students

It's Re-enrolment Time for All Term-Enrolled Students

(24 Nov 2016)

It’s re-enrolment time for our term-enrolled students, group course students and ensemble students who enrolled by term.

Re-enrolment forms are currently being distributed to all term-enrolled students and parents of term-enrolled students. If you do not receive a re-enrolment form and would like to continue your / your child’s tuition in our Second Term (12 weeks long) or both our Second and Third Terms (22 weeks long), please download the relevant re-enrolment form below and bring or send it to the school office by Saturday, 10 December. (Please note that verbal notice to your / your child’s teacher of your wish to continue is not sufficient.)

Please drop by or phone the school office if you are not sure whether you are / your child is term-enrolled, and feel free to contact us with any questions about re-enrolment at the New School.

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