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at Waltons New School of Music

'Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is never enough for music.'
Sergei Rachmaninov

'Life is like a piano. What you get out of it depends on how you play it.'
Tom Lehrer









 Private & Partner Lessons

Waltons New School of Music’s piano and keyboard curriculum is intended to build not only a solid technical facility but also a broad musical knowledge. Tuition is available for students of all ages and abilities, those learning for pleasure and others preparing for grade examinations from preliminary to performance or teaching diploma level (see below for exam syllabi). Piano and keyboard tuition can also include preparation for Junior Cert. Music and Leaving Cert. Music practicals, and counts as the 'personal skill' challenge area for Gaisce – The President's Award. Lessons are also available at the school in jazz piano.

Tuition options include:

  • Weekly private (one-to-one) lessons, 30, 45 or 60 minutes in length.
  • ‘Partner’ lessons (also30, 45 or 60 minutes in length), designed for students at the same level of proficiency who enrol together.
  • Single 1- or 2-hour Intensive Lessons.

Go to Tuition Options for more information on private, partner and group lessons, and Enrolment & Fees for tuition fees and enrolment forms.

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 Group Courses for Beginners

We offer two courses for absolute beginners:

  • Introducing Piano/Keyboard for Adults introduces students to the fundamentals of keyboard technique – as well as basic music theory, sight reading and chordal accompaniment – while progressing through a varied and interesting repertoire ranging from classical to pop.
  • Designed for children aged 6-8, Introducing Piano/Keyboard for Children is a lively and enjoyable first experience with keyboard instruments.

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 Group Courses for Intermediate Students

Taking place in the New School’s piano/keyboard lab, Jazz Piano Basics is a hands-on course designed to give classical piano students of at least intermediate level (Grade V or equivalent) a solid foundation in jazz piano.

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 Piano & Keyboard Faculty

Emilija Ausraite
Marta Burns
Sarah Cunningham
Barbara Dagg
Lenka Dobai
Vita Galla
Liza Hingerty (also Introducing Piano/Keyboard for Adults)
Andrew Hogan (also Introducing Piano/Keyboard for Adults, Introducing Piano/Keyboard for Children)
Patrice Keegan
Varazdat (Varo) Khachatryan
Niamh McCormack
Elisabeth Meuleman
Tamara Niekludow
Darragh O'Kelly (also jazz piano)
Johnny Taylor (also jazz piano and Jazz Piano Basics)
Thérèse Ward
SoYoung Yoon (also jazz piano)

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 Comments from Students & Parents

'My teacher very quickly discovers a student's best way of learning and uses that to the student's advantage. She is also very approachable.'
– T-F. Bewetis

'My son is on his second term of piano lessons and he absolutely adores it, loves the teacher, and I have to I say can’t speak highly enough of all staff too.'
– D. Birkett

'Taking piano lessons at Waltons has given me the skills and confidence to take my musical aspirations to an unexpected level.'
– J. Coleman

'[A] great teacher – patient, organised, knows when to step back and when to push, very adaptable and knowledgeable.'
– L. Frafar

'My teacher is so enthusiastic, encouraging and knowledgeable.'
– S. Horan

'Resuming piano grades 7 and 8 in my 40s was fantastic. Two years of prep, and in year three I did both exams – with Merit and Honours! I can’t stop telling younger people…to just go for it! I’m now 50 and aiming higher!'
– N. Kelly

'I like the structured approach and empathetic teacher with the ability to identify and help areas of weakness.'
– J. Lovatt

'Great teacher, always ready to help, with incredible patience and very helpful suggestions.'
– A. Meneghini

'Great teachers. Very family friendly. Brilliant one to one teaching.'
– S. Nolan

'I was nervous about taking up the piano as an adult, but I enjoyed it even more than I did when I took lessons as a child. I have a very good teacher who has given me the confidence to continue. It takes time, effort and practice but is well worth it.'
– S. O'Connell

'My lessons helped to ignite an interest I thought I had lost. Give it a go!'
– T. O'Mahony

'I took music lessons before and didn't get much from them. My lessons in Waltons, though, have re-ignited my passion for music, and I have begun to see and understand things in a whole new light.'
– L. O'Sullivan

'I've really enjoyed my piano lessons. My teacher was very helpful and understanding – and patient!'
– C. Riordan

'My son's teacher has a great approach and teaching skills for all levels. Would not change her in a million years. Concerts which are held in the school are fantastic preparation for stage or exams.'
– L. Rusmanis

'I am amazed at the amount I have learned in one year. I am very happy that I eventually got to follow my dream, and I am happy that your school played an important role in it!'
– M. Sidorova

'Our son, eight years of age, thoroughly enjoys his lessons and he wants to practice! Thank you!'
– H. Williams

Have you taken – or are you taking – piano or keyboard lessons/courses at Waltons New School of Music? We would appreciate it if you could take a few moments to give us your feedback in a brief online questionnaire.

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 Jazz Piano

'If it has more than three chords, it's jazz.'
Lou Reed

Although many students currently studying jazz piano at the New School already have some classical training, jazz improvisation has often been neglected in the teaching of classical piano. A common misconception is that improvisation is either something you have or you don't. Jazz piano lessons at the New School prove that it can be learned, and teach a number of surprisingly effective and easy-to-apply techniques for the composition and decoration of music.

Entry into jazz piano lessons requires only a basic knowledge of musical notation (treble and bass clefs, key and time signatures) and piano technique (around Grade 2 or equivalent). Improvising at the piano can be split into two main areas: improvising on a given theme (or within a given song) and free improvisation. Lessons generally concentrate on the first, providing students with a wide variety of melodic, harmonic and rhythmic techniques that they can use to make a song their own. Students learn:

  • how to approach a melody, distinguish its main notes from its less important ones and improvise on those;
  • how to move from one chord to the next by building up their harmonic vocabulary;
  • how to vary a song through accent and rhythm.

In addition, many people who have taken lessons in 'classical' piano find that while they can imagine an improvised line, they can't actually play it. One aspect of the lessons is familiarising students with hand shapes and fingering patterns that help students to create their improvisations directly at the piano.

Taught by Darragh O'Kelly, Johnny Taylor (who also teaches our Jazz Piano Basics group course) and SoYoung Yoon, jazz piano lessons can be taken alone (through 30-, 45- and 60-minute private lessons) or as a supplement to regular piano lessons.


Students of jazz piano may be interested in joining one of our Jazz Ensembles.

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 Theory, Musicianship & Music Technology

  • Beginning piano and keyboard students should also consider taking Music Fundamentals, designed to supplement private tuition with the basics of music theory, and piano and keyboard students at all levels are encouraged to attend separate theory classes or extend their lessons by 15 minutes to include some theory tuition.
  • Jazz Improvisation Basics, intended for students with at least one year’s playing experience, is an ideal introduction to improvised music making. Students completing the course can further develop and apply the skills they have learned in this course in the ten-week Jazz Blues Ensemble Workshop (students can enrol for both courses together at a reduced fee) followed by Jazz Ensembles I and II.
  • Piano/keyboard students may also be interested in our Music Technology programme.

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 Instrument Discounts, Packages & Payment Plans

Because of the New School's close association with Waltons Music Ireland, currently-enrolled students of Waltons New School of Music are entitled to discounts on acoustic pianos, digital pianos, electronic keyboards and books sold in Waltons Music shops. Tuition + Instrument Packages, which combine a term of 30-minute private lessons with a new instrument, both at substantial discounts, are also available. And students enrolling for two or more terms are eligible for Instrument Payment Plans, available for selected instruments priced at €150 or more. See Instrument Discounts, Packages & Payment Plans for more information.

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 Martin A. Walton Memorial Scholarships

Taking place in May each year, the New School's annual Martin A. Walton Memorial Scholarship Competition awards full-year tuition scholarships in three categories:

  • Young Student of the Year (students aged 18 and under)
  • Mature Student of the Year (students aged 19 and over)
  • Most Promising Beginner (students who came to the school as beginners on their instruments)

See Scholarships for more information.

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 The Kurzweil Piano Prize

In June each year, a Kurzweil digital piano will be awarded to the most promising piano student at Waltons New School of Music. Go to Scholarships & Prizes for more information.

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 Piano & Keyboard Grade Exam Syllabi

Links to piano and keyboard syllabi (pdf format) with different exam boards:

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 Friday Casual Concerts

The New School’s Friday Casual Concerts are a great opportunity for students of all instruments (and all musical styles) to play in public, in a relaxed and supportive setting, before friends, family and other students. These brief concerts, which take place once a month on Friday evenings at 7 pm in the school, allow individual students and ensembles to perform in public, show off their skills and learn how to cope with nerves. They are also highly recommended for students preparing for grade exams.

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 Piano Practice

Piano practice rooms are available for hire at the school (currently enrolled students receive a discount). Tickets worth ten hours of practice time (and valid for one calendar year) may be purchased or rooms hired by the hour. Go to Practice Facilities for more information.

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 Student Benefits

Currently-enrolled piano and keyboard students of Waltons New School of Music are entitled to several valuable benefits, including:

  • Discounts & Instrument Payment Plans from Waltons Music
  • Discounts on Waltons World Masters Series Events
  • Discounts on Ensembles, Sessions and Music Theory Courses
  • Discounts on Practice Facilities
  • Discounts on City-Centre Parking
  • After-Hours Purchasing from Waltons Music Shop

See Student Benefits for more information.

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Located in Dublin city centre, Waltons New School of Music is a comprehensive music centre, combining music tuition of the highest standard with innovative approaches to music education. The New School offers tuition in the broadest range of instruments and subjects of any music school in Ireland, for students of all ages, levels and abilities.

The wonderfully complex mechanism of a piano key in action. (Source: http://imgur.com/NEpTu3a.)

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