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'Since the beginning of time, children have not liked to study. They would much rather play, and if you have their interests at heart, you will let them learn while they play; they will find that what they have mastered is child's play.'
Carl Orff

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What are they?

Although quite diverse, Waltons New School of Music’s outreach music workshops all have two essential elements in common: they are all hands-on and highly interactive. We offer the following workshops:

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How do they work?

All of our workshops take place on-site at your school or centre and are team-taught by two facilitators at all times.

Although individually tailored to suit the needs of different age groups, all workshops aim to:

  • Cultivate musical curiosity.
  • Encourage participants to explore their creativity and generate their own musical ideas.
  • Introduce musical concepts through experiencing them.
  • Show participants that music is fun and accessible, and develop their confidence through it.

Teachers/supervisors, who are asked to participate, are provided with suggested follow-up activities for classroom use.

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Who will facilitate?

Our facilitators are professional musicians and educators with a wealth of experience and have been carefully selected for their ability to work with and inspire young students, as well as their experience with group music tuition. They are also Garda vetted and fully insured. See individual workshop pages for profiles.

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How much do they cost?

Workshop fees depend on the number of workshops per day and sometimes distance, if a lot of travel time is involved. Because Drumming Around the World, Sounds African and Sounds Irish require a substantial amount of equipment, an additional €50 is added to these workshops per workshop day to cover the cost of equipment transport. A full day of workshops (4 x 1-hour workshops) for your school or centre costs as little as €3.79 per participant (€3.41 per participant for DEIS schools and registered charities), or for the above four workshops, €4.14 per participant (€3.73 for DEIS schools and charities). As they take place on-site, there are no travel or transport costs to be factored in, and minimal disruption of classroom schedules. See individual workshop pages for fees.

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How do your fees compare with other activities?

The fact that workshops take place on-site means that their cost compares favourably with any activities that require transport. The workshops are competitively priced compared with other ‘in-school’ activities, and fees include the facilitators’ time (comprising planning, travel, set-up and workshop), all instruments/equipment and administration costs. It is important, when looking at the cost of activities, to compare ‘like for like’. For example, most of our workshops are team-taught because we have found that this is a far more effective way to interact and engage with all workshop participants, but two facilitators are necessarily more expensive than one.

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How can we pay for workshops?

Some schools ask their students to contribute to the cost of a workshop, or the workshop can be paid for by funds from the school’s parents association, or through fundraising. Some local authorities may be able to offer grants for arts projects - contact your local authority Arts Officer for more information.

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What do we need to provide?

Workshops generally require a large classroom or hall, CD player, and whiteboard/markers or blackboard/chalk. All other materials, instruments and equipment will be provided.

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How can I book them or get more information?

Booking of workshops requires a deposit, payable no less than seven days before the scheduled date of the workshop, and a signed workshop contract (outlining our requirements, the workshop format and schedule). For more information, please complete and send us an Outreach Booking & Enquiry Form (see below), or contact us by phone or email.

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