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'So long as the human spirit thrives on this planet, music in some living form will accompany and sustain it and give it expressive meaning.'
Aaron Copland

The following testimonials, written by current and former students of
Waltons New School of Music, are arranged in alphabetical order by surname.

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'Every week at my lessons is a new and positive experience. I appreciate my teacher's expertise greatly and feel lucky for the opportunity to continue learning from him. Waltons School of Music is very professional and has a friendly, welcoming environment.'
– M. Bennis

'My teacher very quickly discovers a student's best way of learning and uses that to the student's advantage. She is also very approachable.'
– T-F. Bewetis

'My son is on his second term of piano lessons and he absolutely adores it, loves the teacher, and I have to I say can’t speak highly enough of all staff too.'
– D. Birkett

'Excellent quality tuition in a relaxing and fun learning environment.'
– S. Bradley

'I think this is still one of Dublin's best kept secrets. This school is great.'
– C. Brown

'Best place to learn music in Dublin.'
– S. Bsojnathn

'Very professional and friendly school with excellent teachers. I really enjoyed studying here.'
– K. Buckley

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'My daughter has attended Waltons for introductory guitar classes for almost two years and really enjoys it. Her teacher is great, very calm, encouraging and patient, and he doesn't talk down to them. Every week I see progress and her personal pride in playing a little more accurately and fluidly each time. The atmosphere in the building from all staff is one of professionalism, kindness and welcome.'
– A. Campbell

'Highly skilled teacher who could help me find my problems and work past them.'
– M. Carney

'A great teacher who offers excellent tuition catered around each individual student's needs. One of the best.'
– A. Carroll

'I have been learning flute and piano at the school for the past two years. I really enjoy coming to lessons, and the staff at the school are very friendly and approachable. My teachers are great, and their inspiration has motivated me to continue.... The school is also very accessible by any means of transport. I have recommended it to many of my friends.'
– S. Cavanaras

'Friendly admin. staff and great teachers. Very pleased overall.'
– R. Chadwick

'10 out of 10 – great teacher, great staff, great facilities – Waltons has it all.'
– L. Clancy

'Can't speak highly enough of my singing tutor. As a novice to singing beyond the privacy of my shower, her personal attention and interest in helping me to discover my singing voice has been invaluable.'
– C.M. Condon

'The school has an open enrolment policy, so if you are motivated to study music you will be welcomed. There is no discrimination against older students. In fact, the school is very supportive of older people – either for the simple pleasure of music making or for improvement through grade exams.'
– M. Conroy

'The teachers are obviously passionate, and this coupled with their musicianship and knowledge makes the learning an enjoyable and rewarding habit.'
– B. Cooke

'The lessons were well adapted to my abilities, as I have already got prior musical experience but wanted to try something new.'
– A. Corcoran

'Myself, my husband, my daughter and now my granddaughter all study or have studied here. Speaks for itself!'
– O. Costello

'As a past musician who had not played an instrument for 30 years, Waltons and [my teacher] gave me back my music. For that I will always be grateful.'
– P. Cox

'I highly recommend Waltons – excellent courses available and groups to join which are led by enthusiastic directors. With Waltons, you can’t go wrong.'
– L. Cronin

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'Great course and tuition. Keep up the good work!'
– F. Denny

'Waltons New School of Music fills an important gap in music education as it is open to newcomers/amateurs, especially adults. It caters for all – from 'hobbyists' to top grade exams – and provides wonderful opportunities for music making. Welcoming and non-judgmental, yet pushing for individual best standards. Tá failte romhat!'
– J. Dillon

'Very enthusiastic and able teacher. Go raibh maith agat!'
– D. Dodd

'Excellent teacher. Excellent school. Thanks for giving me the confidence to get in touch with my real singing voice. Music is one of the greatest gifts we have been blessed with.'
– T. Dollard

'Fantastic course. I enjoyed the learning as well as making new friends along the way.'
– M. Doran

'If you're an adult it's never too late to learn an instrument. Best adult class I've gone to. I will be doing another course here soon.'
– L. Dowdall

'From my point of view the teaching at the school is top class.'
– J. Duignan

'Very enthusiastic teacher and great breadth of genres taught. Really enjoyable – didn't miss a class!
– P. Dunne

'Professionally run with a great friendly atmosphere.'
– R. Dunne

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'The atmosphere of lessons is incredibly friendly and encouraging, which has allowed my confidence and ability to grow with each lesson.'
– L. Farrell

'I learned more from this 10-week course than from trying to teach myself...for over 10 years!'
– D. Farrelly

'Thanks for making the learning very user friendly. I found myself looking forward to coming into Waltons every week for both the learning and the laughter, both of which were always in plentiful supply!'
– G. Farren

'I really enjoyed my course and gained confidence in my singing abilities as well as learning new techniques, and I had fun singing songs I would not normally have considered "suitable" for me.'
– R. Ferguson

'There is a really pleasant atmosphere. The teachers are always available and proactive, as well as the people who work at reception.'
– I. Ferrera

'I was nervous learning an instrument like the guitar for the first time as an adult, but our teacher made us all feel at ease and the pace of the lessons suited our learning development. I can't wait to come back!'
– D. Ffrench

'Great fun. Relaxed atmosphere. Learned loads!'
– K. Finn

'This course is great! My class has a relaxed, non-competitive atmosphere that is a pleasure to be part of, and I’ve learned so much.'
– E. Finnegan

'I have experienced a wonderful time at Waltons so far and plan to continue my lessons. The service offered is exceptional and very professional. I would have no hesitation in recommending this school.'
– N. Fitzgerald

'I never thought I could learn a musical instrument, and so far Waltons New School of Music has allowed me to dream that it is possible, no matter what age I am.'
– S. Flonn

'The tuition is reasonably priced, the teachers are good at what they do, and I'm amazed at the huge range of lessons, courses and groups offered!'
– M. Freimuth

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'Great teacher, with great patience, who tries to get the best from my son at every lesson, while making it fun.'
– A. Gannon

'I've known Waltons New School of Music for many years, and I've always had very good experiences with its exceptional teaching staff and level of education.'
– H. Garnerman

'Great tuition. In-house concerts and scholarships are great opportunities for young players.'
– C. Gleeson

'The great thing about Waltons is that the school runs to suit the student – for me that was so beneficial and a huge change. A great place to learn.'
– D. Griffith

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'Thank you Waltons New School of Music for providing a course I had been looking around for and for delivering on its promises. Superb tutor!'
– K. Harnett

'I had been thinking about taking lessons for years and am very glad I finally did so. It has been an absolute delight.'
– H. Hegarty

'[My teacher] is a master of many styles of guitar playing – Irish traditional, flamenco, jazz, rock, you name it – and his enthusiasm for all kinds of music is infectious. This series of classes was very informative and fun to attend, and it gave me the basis for practise and improvement over the coming months. I enjoyed them greatly.'
– M. Holmes

'My teacher is so enthusiastic, encouraging and knowledgeable.'
– S. Horan

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'Excellent tuition. Very enjoyable, and makes difficult learning very easy. Highly recommended.'
– L. Johnson

'Waltons New School of Music is extremely well organised and professional. The teachers are excellent, and the facilities are extremely good.'
– J. Joyce

'Its burren of high ceiling rooms supports volumes of happiness.'
J. Judge

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'The class was a wonderful mix of practical techniques and fun.'
– S. Kavanagh

'I made excellent progress in the few months I attended Waltons after returning to lessons after 10 years to complete my final grade 8! I would recommend the school to anyone contemplating taking up lessons.'
– C. Kelly

'Resuming piano grades 7 and 8 in my 40s was fantastic. Two years of prep, and in year three I did both exams – with Merit and Honours! I can’t stop telling younger people…to just go for it! I’m now 50 and aiming higher!'
– N. Kelly

'Warm, friendly environment with excellent teachers – fantastic for building confidence.'
– E. Kennedy

'Each class brings me closer to a possible dream realised.'
– M. Kerrigan

'The teachers here are the best I've ever come across. I have been in the school for seven years and it has never let me down.'
– S. Killeen

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'Experience with my teacher has been fantastic. He's a great teacher with lots of patience – encouraging and really passionate.'
– S. Loscher

'I had a great time enjoying my passion for singing in a friendly atmosphere, and discovering new skills step by step with a very patient teacher who brings you as high as possible. An experience I advise for anyone interested in singing.'
– Y. Lotte

'Everybody in the class hugely improved. Great fun!'
– E. Loughhran

​'I like the structured approach and empathetic teacher with the ability to identify and help areas of weakness.'
– J. Lovatt

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'Inspiring tutor made every single class interesting, challenging but most of all fun and highly rewarding.'
– S. Maccan

'The teacher was excellent, very encouraging and with endless patience.'
– M. McCluskey

'For people who want to achieve their musical dreams, I recommend the wonderful world of Waltons Music School.'
– F. McDonnell

'I benefited an extraordinary amount from the tuition I received here. I have improved significantly due to the time I've had here and feel more confident in my abilities through these lessons.'
– K. McDonnell

'The course was so much more than I expected. I learned so much and gained confidence within myself. The teacher was an inspiration!'
– C. McGowan

'For me, as an aspect of personal development, the classes were hugely enjoyable and rewarding.'
– E. McGrath

'My daughter thoroughly enjoys each lesson. In just a short space of time she has developed confidence in playing her guitar and a desire to improve and learn more. This is purely attributable to the fantastic tuition from her teacher. Thank you!'
– H. McGrath

'[My daughter] really enjoyed coming to her class. It was the highlight of her week, and we would listen to the songs she had learnt all through the week. It was great to see her grow confident amongst the other children. The teacher was great with the kids and always brought a smile to [my daughter's] face. Thanks again for your help!'
– S. McKenzie

'Waltons have an exceptional range of courses suitable for any music lover.'
– M. McKernan

'I really enjoy working with my teacher – she is wonderful. I very much like the atmosphere at Waltons, as do my family. I look forward to next term.'
– G. McLellan

'A very positive & refreshing environment in which to learn. Also the opportunity to be in a class with likeminded people who are doing this course because of their love of music brings a whole new element to learning. Many thanks Waltons!'
– A. Mceneff

'[I have] a very supportive and talented teacher. He always goes above and beyond his role as a teacher, and I consider myself very lucky to have found someone with such a unique gift.'
– O. Martin

'There is a bright future for my kids here, despite coming from a background where no one was interested in music. There is no better place than Waltons – an absolute heaven for music.'
– A. Martinez

'There is an overall 'can do' atmosphere; very accessible and friendly; no ageism; good opening hours.'
– M. Meinardi

'Great teacher, always ready to help, with incredible patience and very helpful suggestions.'
– A. Meneghini

'I like the whole welcoming set-up in Waltons New School of Music.'
– A. Molony

'Great teachers, good prices.'
– E. Moran

'As an absolute beginner, I did not expect to learn so much in such a short time. Excellent tuition, and the course was fun as well as rewarding. Thanks and well done!'
– D. Mullins

'An excellent music course for children. I'm delighted at the progress [my daughter] has made – as is she!'
– S. Murphy

'Teachers are personable, friendly, knowledgeable and helpful, so too are the admin staff. I would highly recommend the school and will be signing up again soon....'
– Y. Murphy

'The tuition here was everything I expected and more. I loved the fact that I felt completely comfortable from the first lesson and that every lesson felt tailored to me. My teacher was so enthusiastic and so invested in helping me with my goals. I don't think I could have improved so much with any other teacher.'
– A. Murray

'A very, very knowledgeable teacher who clearly explains each technique. I learned so much from this class.'
– D. Murray

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'I found the delivery of lessons very effective and benefited hugely from them.'
– P. Needham

'Both my voice and piano teachers are very knowledgeable and have endless patience. Have already recommended them to family and friends.'
– P. Notley

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'Keep doing what you do. It works!'
– C. O'Brien

'I was nervous about taking up the piano as an adult, but I enjoyed it even more than I did when I took lessons as a child. I have a very good teacher who has given me the confidence to continue. It takes time, effort and practice but is well worth it.'
– S. O'Connell

'Brilliant teacher. Really enjoyed the course!'
– D. O'Connor

'My daughter has a wonderful violin teacher here. She certainly has the knowledge and expertise but most importantly she knows how to work with children and motivate them to stick with it. We’ll be back.'
– J. O'Donnell

'[A]n exceptional musician and teacher. I have really enjoyed the variety of material which he has introduced me to. Over the year we have looked at some classical pieces, some Irish music and recently we have been looking at jazz. I feel a lot more confident about my playing, and I have a far better understanding of rhythm in particular. Also, the more I play the more I enjoy listening to music. I look forward to the class each week, and I would like to thank my teacher for his patience and his very clear manner of explaining musical concepts.'
– T. O’Donnell

'I can't speak too highly of Waltons New School of Music.... I love what I am learning and go away from each lesson more motivated to learn.'
– M. O'Keeffe

'Professionally organised singing classes that enable you to sing with confidence and have fun doing so!'
– M. O'Laoi

'Reliable and enjoyable tuition for the young and not so young.'
– J. O'Mahony

'My lessons helped to ignite an interest I thought I had lost. Give it a go!'
– T. O'Mahony

'I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of learning and developing a new skill. This was further enhanced by the enthusiasm, motivation and continual encouragement and support of the teacher.'
– M. O'Reilly

'The teachers are so friendly here and try accommodate to your interests and needs as much as they can!'
– T. O'Reilly

'Thanks to all in the New School for arranging such professional tuition with such experienced staff.'
– C. O'Rourke

'I have loved working at my own pace without any pressure or set songs I must learn. My teacher is incredibly understanding and wonderful to work with. It is refreshing to be taught by someone with a real passion for their skill.'
– C. O'Síoráin

'Excellent school. Excellent teachers and staff, who really give their time in the interest of students. Studying at Waltons has re-ignited my absolute passion for music.'
– L. O'Sullivan

'Excellent school, can't recommend it highly enough. Thank you.'
– M. O'Sullivan

'[A] very patient teacher, and I really enjoy her classes. She moves at a steady pace, neither too slow nor too fast, and uses a variety of teaching methods. It’s amazing to see how much we have progressed in such a short time.'
– N. Owens

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'After each session I left with a smile on my face because I'd learned something new. Thank you very much and see you for another course.'
– M. Pardelinha

'Just a great, beneficial course. I'm loving it!'
– O. Pugh

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'I like the super friendly staff (both office and teachers), great location and ability to adapt individual tuition to your own pace and time commitments.'
– J. Quesado

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'The school approaches lessons in a practical and non-regimental way. The staff are interested in the student as a person, not just exam results.'
– C. Redmond

'Very friendly atmosphere and really nice people. A great place to learn.'
– M. Reid

'Whatever your level, Waltons has the class/teacher for you!'
– C. Riordan

'Very helpful staff, professional courses.'
– E. Riordan

'Professional and friendly staff, and central location.'
– C. Rooney

'My son's teacher has a great approach and teaching skills for all levels. Would not change her in a million years. Concerts which are held in the school are fantastic preparation for stage or exams.'
– L. Rusmanis

'A fantastic course, high energy, wonderfully taught, with clear instruction and a great class atmosphere. I'd recommend it to anyone.'
– J. Ryan

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'The best singing teacher I have ever had – have learned so much.'
– K. Sanderlin

'Great tuition – very relaxed, gently challenging, thoroughly enjoyable.'
– W. Scott

'I learned so much.... The teacher was excellent with a wide knowledge of the field.'
– P. Scully

'I would recommend Waltons New School of Music to anyone who would like to study music.'
– M. Seagrave

'I love sitting in the hall, listening to students having their lessons. The beauty of their achievements and efforts cheers me up and encourages me as I enter into the world of music.'
– M. Sidorova

'Very good teacher, with excellent knowledge of good technique. Keep up the good work.'
– D. Steele

'I have found my singing lessons at Waltons very professional and look forward to attending every week! I would recommend Waltons to any musician.'
– A. Stein

'Waltons New School of Music is a friendly, professional music school with teachers who care about their students and go above and beyond the norm. I would recommend anyone to sign up for lessons/classes here. Great job guys!'
– T. Stephenson

'Comment from my son on what he likes best about his bass tuition: “Being able to come home and playing things I couldn't play an hour before.”'
– N. Storey

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'The school is conveniently located in the very centre of Dublin, open early to late, with dedicated music instructors. I was delighted with my lessons and found them both worthwhile and very helpful. I can recommend the school to my friends and acquaintances with great confidence.'
– V. Tarvydas

'The relaxed atmosphere made the course really enjoyable, which made the lessons a lot easier and helped me to progress quicker than I ever expected.'
– G. Treacy

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'The school has always consistently delivered tuition of a very high standard.'
– O. Vallejo

'Very friendly and professional school, with great staff.'
– T. van Doeveren

'The facilities are great, and there is a great atmosphere here.'
– S. von Bergen

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'Great atmosphere for children to learn a new instrument. The teacher was brilliant, her love of music infectious. [My son] enjoyed the classes and always came out happy.'
– E. Wallace

'The course is fun filled and focused. A joy!'
– L. Walsh

'[A] great teacher for introducing my daughter to the world of music. She learned lots and enjoyed every class.'
– M. Waters

'I would definitely recommend anyone to take singing classes at Waltons. My singing teacher taught me how to sing and brought up techniques to develop my voice in a way I could understand in just a few weeks of lessons. She was extremely friendly, welcoming, warm and professional all at once. She is an amazing teacher and singer, and you can tell she loves it by the way she teaches…with a lot of passion and interest.'
– E. Weber

'The [guitar] tuition is first rate...fantastic tutor, with excellent ability in both playing and teaching.'
– G. White

'Our son, eight years of age, thoroughly enjoys his lessons and he wants to practice! Thank you!'
– H. Williams

'I am writing just to let you know how good an experience we had with the Waltons New School of Music last year.
   Our then six-year-old son did the one year piano group course last year and his progress throughout the year was way beyond any expectation we had.
   His teacher was brilliant and covered so much ground but also made the whole thing so enjoyable. The teaching was so inspiring to our son. Before very long he was so enthusiastic about going to class and playing the piano.
   I have recommended the school to a number of people and will continue to do so. I believe my son's experience with the school may well have given him something that will enhance his entire life.
   Thanks and well done to you all....'

– P. Woodfull

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'Fantastic progress combined with a child friendly and fun approach.'
– B. Ziemann

Located in Dublin city centre, Waltons New School of Music is a comprehensive music centre, combining music tuition of the highest standard with innovative approaches to music education. The New School offers tuition in the broadest range of instruments and subjects of any music school in Ireland, for students of all ages, levels and abilities.

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