Waltons World Masters presents SUSANA BACA

Waltons World Masters presents SUSANA BACA

(14 Apr 2017)

Thursday, 22 June 2017
National Concert Hall
Tickets €20 - €34 from nch.ie

Waltons New School of Music's World Masters Series presents Susana Baca, one of the supreme divas of world music and the greatest living exponent of the Afro-Peruvian musical tradition, in Ireland for one night only.

With her unmistakable voice and equally impressive interpretive gifts, Susana Baca is a Peruvian national treasure, one of the supreme divas of world music and the greatest living exponent of the Afro-Peruvian musical tradition. Born in the black coastal barrio of Chorrillos, outside Lima, where descendants of slaves have lived since the days of the Spanish Empire, Baca was immersed in the wonderfully complex world of Afro-Peruvian music from a very early age. She first came to international attention in 1995, when her rendition of ‘Maria Lando’, a heart-breaking ballad of worker oppression, was included on David Byrne’s The Soul of Black Peru compilation. Since then, she has brought her intriguing blend of Spanish melodies and African-rooted rhythms – along with her stellar group of Latin American musicians – to audiences worldwide.

Susana Baca is a performer like no other and simply must be experienced live. Her songs are poetic (with lyrics by some of Latin America’s finest poets, with whom she collaborates) and rich with storytelling and evocative imagery; her voice is by turns powerful, smoky and ethereal; her stage presence is elegant and engaging, as she gracefully glides barefoot about the stage while singing; and her delivery is emotionally rich and deeply felt.

Please join us for an unforgettable performance by a true world master.

Susana Baca • Vocals
Hugo Bravo • Percussion
Ernesto Hermoza • Guitar, Charango
Oscar Huaranga • Bass
Maria Helena Pacheco • Violin

‘A world-class world music diva.’
– The Guardian

‘Her…performance was luminous, her powerful yet delicate voice resonating with remarkable purity.’
– Los Angeles Times

‘The music retains its undulating sensuality, call and response vocals, pinpoint arrangements and peppery rhythms…and stage centre is the sublime Baca herself, an expressive singer and luminous presence whose sultry dance moves and ability to establish a mood and hold it are mesmerizing.’
– Seattle Times

‘Baca crafts an innovative and organic take on the Afro-Peruvian musical tradition, in the process catapulting herself to the forefront of an Afro-Peruvian revival.’
– NPR World Café

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