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about Waltons New School of Music

Testimonials by current and former students and parents of students
at the New School are listed in alphabetical order by surname.
You can also filter testimonials by department or subject area.

Relaxed but progressive atmosphere. Good quality tuition. Professional teacher. [Introducing Singing for Adults]

I was trying to play guitar for a year, but YouTube didn't help. With this course [Introducing Guitar for Adults], now I can play and understand what's going on.

My [guitar] teacher is engaging and has broad and deep musical and technical knowledge that has improved my playing considerably.

I loved the class [Musical Theatre Workshop]. The teacher is brilliant, and I feel much more confident about my singing and acting. Also the class is great fun.

The class [Music for Me] has been very beneficial for our child, who went from being extremely shy at the start to fully participating and enjoying the class each week. It has been the perfect balance of learning and fun.

Great classes [Introducing World Drumming] and even better teacher – very knowledgeable and gives attention to everyone in the group.

Niamh is a gem. A kind person with a deep understanding of music, who knows how to teach it. [Voice]

Excellent teacher. [Music for Me]

The Musical Theatre Workshop is just great! You can improve your vocal and dramatic skills and learn how to sing properly your favourite songs, and at the same time it gives you the confidence to perform them in front of an audience.

I wish I had discovered this years ago. By the end of my first [voice] lesson I had learned techniques that I had spent years trying to master.

I really enjoyed my [Irish Music Taster], and it was a great experience for me. Waltons New School of Music is a very good place to learn Irish traditional music, especially for foreign students like me.

I would highly recommend this class [Introducing Piano/Keyboard for Adults] – it far exceeded my expectations. And I’m so pleased that I decided to learn piano. It’s been such fun.

I really enjoyed Cathy's humour and patient manner. [Sing Your Heart Out Choir]

My [piano] teacher very quickly discovers a student's best way of learning and uses that to the student's advantage. She is also very approachable.

My son is on his second term of piano lessons and he absolutely adores it, loves the teacher, and I have to say I can’t speak highly enough of all staff too.

My son is learning the piano and learning how to read music. In the last year and a half, he has gone from strength to strength and is currently on Grade 3, Royal Irish Academy of Music. I would recommend Waltons New School of Music to any parent for their children and also to anyone who fancies the idea of learning an instrument. 10/10

Every week at my [guitar] lessons is a new and positive experience. I appreciate my teacher's expertise greatly and feel lucky for the opportunity to continue learning from him. Waltons New School of Music is very professional and has a friendly, welcoming environment.

Personally I felt that, being older, I may have been left behind, but small classes [Introducing Piano/Keyboard for Adults] give plenty of one-on-one time with the tutor.

The [Introducing Tin Whistle] classes are the highlight of my week. I tried other instruments but always gave up, never found one that I could enjoy as much as I do the tin whistle. So much of it is thanks to Harry, who is a brilliant, expert teacher, finding the perfect pace to develop and always encouraging the group

Really great notes and has made my understanding of melody and harmony writing much better. [Leaving Cert. Music Easter Revision Course]

It was inspiring and a great way to learn about Irish music. [Irish Music Tasters]

Great tuition! Have been taking trad flute lessons here for the last year and my instructor has brought me on by leaps and bounds. The Friday sessions are an excellent way to learn new tunes.

Great place to learn music.

This course [Songwriting Workshop] gave me great confidence in songwriting, and to have the guidance of a professional songwriter was so helpful. The course helped me both lyrically and musically to realise my songwriting potential, and I am now constantly writing new material.

The instructor is extremely knowledgeable but also patient and approachable, highly recommended. [Music Fundamentals]

Excellent quality tuition in a relaxing and fun learning environment.

It's a really enjoyable workshop [Leaving Cert. Music Pre-Exam Revision Workshop] and very beneficial. The notes are excellent and very useful.

[My teacher’s] teaching style is a perfect match for my learning style, with a focus on technique and exercises but still time for singing. I also love her encouragement and energy.

The tuition was excellent. I learned a lot in a positive and pleasant way. [Introducing Irish Fiddle]

A great course [Electric Blues Guitar Basics] – lots of information and great fun.

My son has made great progress with the saxophone while studying here. While he has worked hard himself, much of this is down to the teacher, who has been both patient and motivating.

I think this is still one of Dublin's best kept secrets. This school is great.

A great way to revise Leaving Cert. Music. I would recommend it to everyone! [Leaving Cert. Music Pre-Exam Revision Workshop]

Best place to learn music in Dublin.

Very professional and friendly school with excellent teachers. I really enjoyed studying here.

A very nice introduction to the basics of singing. You learn how to sing great songs step-by-step, without having to be able to read music. [Introducing Singing for Adults]

The teacher was very easy to understand and was willing to answer any questions. [Leaving Cert. Music Easter Revision Course]

I liked the relaxed atmosphere and encouragement. Really enjoyed and looked forward to attending each week. [Introducing Bodhrán]

I would absolutely recommend the Music Fundamentals course to anyone who is interested in beginning on the road to understanding written music.

I really enjoyed this course [Introducing Irish Fiddle]. In such a short space of time I feel I have learned loads, and I look forward to improving.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course [Introducing Piano/Keyboard for Adults]. Never having done any musical training, I can hardly believe all I have learned.

Great introduction to playing in an ensemble! [Jazz Blues Ensemble Workshop]

I would highly recommend this course [Introducing Piano/Keyboard for Adults] as a great first step to learning piano/keyboard.

Eoin's easy manner gave me the courage to have a go even if I wasn't getting things right. By my own reckoning I have made huge progress since I began the course [Sight Singing Made Easy].

I had a wonderful time during my singing lessons. It really gave me the confidence I needed and I achieved something I never thought I would.

Sinéad Flynn is a fantastic teacher. Her vast knowledge of the musical theatre repertoire helps you choose pieces that suit your voice and helps you to make the most of your potential as a singer.

[A]n excellent instructor who has time for each student. This ensures that whatever issues the student has are ultimately dealt with successfully. [Trad Guitar Basics]

My daughter has attended Waltons for introductory guitar classes [Introducing Guitar for Children] for almost two years and really enjoys it. Her teacher is great, very calm, encouraging and patient, and he doesn't talk down to them. Every week I see progress and her personal pride in playing a little more accurately and fluidly each time. The atmosphere in the building from all staff is one of professionalism, kindness and welcome.

A great teacher who offers excellent tuition catered around each individual student's needs. One of the best. [Introducing Irish Fiddle]

Excellent teaching, and easy learning techniques. [Introducing Tin Whistle]

The course [The Art & Craft of Songwriting] really helped break my writer's block!

The course [Sight Singing Made Easy] is challenging [and] great fun. The teacher is very helpful without being patronising, and the material progresses quickly.

I have been learning flute and piano at the school for the past two years. I really enjoy coming to lessons, and the staff at the school are very friendly and approachable. My teachers are great, and their inspiration has motivated me to continue.... The school is also very accessible by any means of transport. I have recommended it to many of my friends.

An excellent experience that added to an overall enjoyable Irish holiday.

[A] great teacher, very good with kids. My two children (4 and 5 years old) were in her class [Music for Me], taking their first steps in music. After only few weeks, they were soaking up music basics without even realising it, while having real fun.

Friendly admin. staff and great teachers. Very pleased overall.

Fiddle is a tough instrument to start as a beginner, and this course [Introducing Irish Fiddle] shows that it's actually manageable! The teacher is really nice and helpful and patient.

Very enjoyable course [Introducing Music Technology], with all details well explained by a knowledgeable and friendly teacher.

All together I would give the course [Introducing Guitar for Teens] out of 10 – great teacher, great staff, great facilities – Waltons has it all.

Would highly recommend this course [Introducing Guitar for Adults] to anyone starting out on the guitar.

I absolutely loved learning to play the harmonica. Michael McInerney’s love for the harmonica is infectious! [Introducing Harmonica]

Taking piano lessons at Waltons has given me the skills and confidence to take my musical aspirations to an unexpected level.

This course [Music Fundamentals] is perfect for anyone with an interest in music. It starts with the very basics of theory and the information is made easy to understand. There is a good atmosphere in the class, being with people who share your passion for music.

A great way to immerse yourself in a different musical world. [Jazz Piano Basics]

I have been trying to play guitar for years. After a ten-week course [Introducing Guitar for Adults] I really feel I have some chance now!

Anyone can learn the guitar. All you need is a willingness to learn and a professional teacher from Waltons New School of Music. [Introducing Guitar for Adults]

Can't speak highly enough of my singing tutor. As a novice to singing beyond the privacy of my shower, her personal attention and interest in helping me to discover my singing voice has been invaluable.

I really enjoyed the course [Leaving Cert. Music Easter Revision Course] here, as we got good notes and excellent advice. It will really help me with my exam.

Everything needed for your exam in one place. The teacher was very good and explained everything, particularly the composition paper. [Leaving Cert. Music Easter Revision Course]

[A] a very experienced teacher who had great suggestions for improving my songwriting. I love her energy, enthusiasm and kind nature. She went above and beyond to assist the whole class to improve their work. I really enjoyed and benefited a lot from this class. [The Art & Craft of Songwriting]

The school has an open enrolment policy, so if you are motivated to study music you will be welcomed. There is no discrimination against older students. In fact, the school is very supportive of older people – either for the simple pleasure of music making or for improvement through grade exams.

I have an excellent [voice] teacher. She is very encouraging and has a lot of insight into the individual student's problems and how to improve them.

The teachers are obviously passionate, and this coupled with their musicianship and knowledge makes the learning an enjoyable and rewarding habit.

Waltons' music lessons are world class. The teachers go out of their way to encourage their students and make the lessons more enjoyable for them.

Myself, my husband, my daughter and now my granddaughter all study or have studied here. Speaks for itself!

As a past musician who had not played an instrument for 30 years, Waltons and [my teacher] gave me back my music. For that I will always be grateful.

The wonderful teacher, very supportive and patient, made for a very enjoyable experience. There was a lovely sense of camaraderie in the group learning and playing together. [Flute Ensemble]

A good music tutor is worth their weight in notes! It's the personal touch that makes tuition at Waltons a far superior product to other products, especially on-line tutorials. Having a tutor who specialises in your chosen instrument and has 3rd level or higher qualifications means the student receives phenomenal value for both money but more importantly, TIME. 60 minutes with a good tutor can unravel countless hours of poor self-learning and bad habits, leaving the student highly motivated to improve and develop their playing repertoire. What's not to like! [bass student]

Cathy is the best music teacher that I have ever known. Her professionalism and enthusiasm makes the course very desirable. Her commitment evokes confidence and positivity for anyone who loves to sing. [Sing Your Heart Out Choir]

I highly recommend Waltons – excellent courses available and groups to join which are led by enthusiastic directors. With Waltons, you can’t go wrong.

A great educational experience and very friendly atmosphere. [The Art & Craft of Songwriting]

Really enjoyed it. Straightforward notes made the course [Leaving Cert. Music Easter Revision Course] easier to understand. And good to get a different perspective on the course.

Very informative. Good classes and a huge aid coming up to my Leaving Cert. [Leaving Cert. Music Two-Year Course]

Learned more in the one day than I have in school all year. [Leaving Cert. Music Pre-Exam Revision Workshop]

Enthusiastic and motivating [clarinet] instructor and friendly staff.

Great [voice] teacher. I have developed so much in the past year [and] have learned so much technique. We get through a lot in a 30-minute lesson; it’s very productive.

A great quick introduction to the beautiful culture of Irish music and song. [Irish Music Tasters]

A fabulous instructor! So knowledgeable about the tin whistle as well as the history of Ireland and its music and instruments. He also gave great recommendations of places to visit and sites to see which was very appreciated. I'm happy to have a new friend in Ireland.

A perfect course [Introducing Piano/Keyboard for Adults] for beginners. I've already recommended it to a friend and she's starting next term. I highly recommend Waltons for anybody who always wanted to learn to play an instrument but never had a chance. It's never too late, and once you start you won't regret it!

I’ve gained so much since I’ve taken classes here. My confidence has grown immensely, and I’ve come on as a singer and performer. Sinéad is an amazing teacher who has pushed me out of my comfort zone and believed in me so that I can reach my full potential and be the best performer that I can possibly be. [Musical Theatre Workshop]

Everyone is back home and more-or-less recovered from the short nights and travel, and can look back with a lot of pleasure on the fine weekend in Dublin. I would like to thank you for all your work in engaging the wonderful teachers, finding the classroom space, and having it all work out in timing and pricing. Thanks also for passing on my many requests to the teachers! I know it took quite some time, but it really helped make it the right kind of course for my pupils. I'm very grateful that the school and the teachers were willing to be flexible! I would also like to thank your colleagues...for the warm welcome, and for making us feel at home in the school. Huge thanks too to all the teachers: John, Eamonn, Harry and Aoife. They were fabulous! The course was a great success for my students, and I would definitely be happy to work with Waltons New School of Music again. [Irish Music Tasters]

An excellent introduction to sight singing for beginners – a lot simpler than I thought it would be! [Sight Singing Made Easy]

Cathy is a fantastic and supportive instructor. I've thoroughly enjoyed it! [Sing Your Heart Out Choir]

Great course [Trad Guitar Basics] and tuition. Keep up the good work!

An incredible player and inspiring teacher! [Introducing World Drumming]

My daughter loved learning violin at the school, and the group environment has also helped her to develop her social skills. A stimulating and enjoyable course! [Introducing Violin for Children]

Waltons New School of Music fills an important gap in music education as it is open to newcomers/amateurs, especially adults. It caters for all – from 'hobbyists' to top grade exams – and provides wonderful opportunities for music making. Welcoming and non-judgmental, yet pushing for individual best standards. Tá failte romhat!

The teacher's enthusiasm and patience, and sensitivity to the varied standards of playing within the group, allows everyone to reach a satisfying standard of music making. A great opportunity to experience ensemble music making where the whole becomes greater than the parts! [Flute Ensemble]

Very enthusiastic and able teacher. Go raibh maith agat! [Trad Guitar Basics]

It's good to do music outside your own school to experience a different setting. I would recommend it as an extra subject if you love music. [Leaving Cert. Music Two-Year Course]

I like the variety, the different instruments introduced and the visiting teachers. My son really enjoys the songs, and he loves to sing them during the week. [Music for Me]

Really interesting course which covers all the Leaving Cert. Music content in a concise and interesting way, with a very enthusiastic teacher. [Leaving Cert. Music Easter Revision Course]

Excellent teacher. Excellent school. Thanks for giving me the confidence to get in touch with my real singing voice. Music is one of the greatest gifts we have been blessed with.

This course [Introducing Singing for Adults] is a great introduction and confidence builder. Before you realise it you're singing in front of people and loving it!

[My son] really loved the class [Introducing Guitar for Children], and the teacher was able to channel his enthusiasm and encourage it.

I had been looking for a course like this [Introducing World Drumming] and am so glad I found it. Exceeded my expectations.

Angel has given me so much to work with, and I feel that I've got a good grasp now of some essential flamenco techniques. [Flamenco Guitar Basics]

My Intensive Lesson at Waltons New School of Music was a great choice for an in-depth look at advanced elements of music theory. The staff were helpful, and my tutor Eoin was super friendly, very knowledgeable and happy to answer any questions. I left the lesson knowing what direction to go in to learn more and how to apply theory to my compositions.

If you're an adult it's never too late to learn an instrument. Best adult class [Introducing Piano/Keyboard for Adults] I've gone to. I will be doing another course here soon.

Very helpful in preparing for the exam. [Leaving Cert. Music Easter Revision Course]

The course [Trad Guitar Basics] tutor is excellent and also very flexible. He knows how to bring someone up to speed if they fall behind in class. Very enjoyable as well as instructive.

From my point of view the teaching at the school is top class.

I always wanted to sing but thought I didn't have a note in my head. With the help and patience of my teacher I now believe that I can and am loving it.

Johnny Taylor is exceptional. As a former classical piano teacher to diploma level, I can safely say he is the best teacher I have come across, and I consider myself very fortunate to have done so. [Jazz Piano Basics]

Very enthusiastic teacher and great breadth of genres taught. Really enjoyable – didn't miss a class! [Introducing Singing for Adults]

Very well explained by an interested and enthusiastic teacher. [Introducing Music Technology]

Eoin Mulvany really contributed to my learning development and knowledge of music. [Leaving Cert. Music Two-Year Course]

Really happy with my drumming lessons and my learning progress.

Great way to get started with the guitar! [I have] a very thorough and patient instructor, with good choice of content for the classes [Introducing Guitar for Adults]. I have found that my playing has improved greatly.

I learned so much about the structure of songs and the business of songwriting. [The Art & Craft of Songwriting]

My teacher Gary is professional, committed to teaching guitar in a fun environment, and he takes a personal interest in his pupils, ensuring that they make steady progress. He is a real gent.

I had a fantastic time doing this course [Musical Theatre Workshop]. I wish there were more like it out there! It has encouraged me to pursue my love of musical theatre, and I hope to be back to take on some Musical Theatre performance exams next year and to receive the relevant coaching for them.

The atmosphere of [voice] lessons is incredibly friendly and encouraging, which has allowed my confidence and ability to grow with each lesson.

I learned more from this 10-week course [Acoustic Blues Guitar Basics] than from trying to teach myself acoustic blues for over 10 years!

Thanks for making the learning very user friendly. I found myself looking forward to coming into Waltons every week for both the learning and the laughter, both of which were always in plentiful supply!

Great, flexible, friendly and encouraging teacher. [Songwriting Workshop]

I really enjoyed the course [Introducing Singing for Adults] and gained confidence in my singing abilities as well as learning new techniques, and I had fun singing songs I would not normally have considered ‘suitable’ for me.

I was over 50 and wanted to learn to play the fiddle, so I signed up for my first set of classes (10). I nervously attended my first class [Introducing Irish Fiddle] in Waltons, and I needn't have worried. The admin staff were so welcoming and light hearted and made me feel at ease. My class teacher has a very natural way of teaching; she is so patient and encouraging and there is a relaxed atmosphere in the class. I will be starting my sixth set of sessions with Waltons at Easter.

There is a really pleasant atmosphere. The teachers are always available and proactive, as well as the people who work at reception.

I was nervous learning an instrument like the guitar for the first time as an adult, but our teacher made us all feel at ease and the pace of the lessons suited our learning development. I can't wait to come back! [Introducing Guitar for Adults]

Introducing Fiddle was a really enjoyable course. All of the tunes I learned were broken down and made easy to learn and pick up. The teacher was extremely helpful, accommodating and approachable, and this gave me the confidence in going on to learn the fiddle.

Great fun. Relaxed atmosphere. Learned loads! [Introducing Singing for Adults]

This course [Introducing Violin for Adults] is great! My class has a relaxed, non-competitive atmosphere that is a pleasure to be part of, and I’ve learned loads.

Top class vocal teaching that is specifically tailored to each student.

I have experienced a wonderful time at Waltons so far and plan to continue my lessons. The service offered is exceptional and very professional. I would have no hesitation in recommending this school.

Sight singing is a skill that I thought was beyond me, but when it was broken down and explained well by an excellent teacher, and then practiced of course [Sight Singing Made Easy], it’s amazing how quickly it became second nature!

My [piano] teacher was very encouraging and interested in progressing her student.

[V]ery well structured, with a patient and friendly teacher. [Introducing Piano/Keyboard for Adults]

This course [Introducing Violin for Adults] has opened up new horizons for me. I never thought I could learn a musical instrument, and so far Waltons New School of Music has allowed me to dream that it is possible, no matter what age I am.

I had forgotten how much I loved guitar until I returned to Waltons School of Music. Thank you.

I found the [Introducing Bodhrán] course great, as I had never played before and was not at all familiar with the instrument. We were eased into playing comfortably.

Excellent teacher. Excellent revision. [Leaving Cert. Music Pre-Exam Revision Workshop]

It’s amazing how much we learned in a single weekend. I feel much more confident starting Leaving Cert. Music now. [Leaving Cert. Music Preliminary Course]

All the fundamentals were covered, which gave us the best foundations for learning how to play the violin correctly. Terrific teacher, and the atmosphere of the class [Introducing Violin for Adults] was always great and positive. I had fun at every class. Thank you.

Sinéad is amazing, and Waltons students are lucky to have her! I learned so much in such a short time, and it's all thanks to her and her passion! [Musical Theatre Workshop]

I'm finding [Introducing Violin for Adults] very enjoyable and not at all intimidating. The teacher makes us feel at ease as we learn the violin.

Loved the way you get to express yourself.... Sinéad gets the best out of you and it is so much fun! [Musical Theatre Workshop]

Essential for anyone interested in recording music at home. [Introducing Music Technology]

[A] great teacher – patient, organised, knows when to step back and when to push, very adaptable and knowledgeable.

The tuition is reasonably priced, the teachers are good at what they do, and I'm amazed at the huge range of lessons, courses and groups offered!

Thank you very much for the very informative, exciting and interesting three days for our students at your school! They really enjoyed playing the tin whistle and bodhrán and singing traditional Irish songs. Your teachers did a really good job, and the students learned a lot in a very short time. A fascinating new experience!

A great introduction.... User-friendly, with a tutor very knowledgeable about the subject. [Introducing Music Technology]

I am only sorry that I did not find out about the course sooner at age 61. Better late than never. Paddy is a fantastic teacher, and the course [Introducing 5-String Banjo] so far is a blast!

The [Leaving Cert. Music Easter Revision Course] provides a lot of useful information and broadens your knowledge of music.

Great teacher, with great patience, who tries to get the best from my son at every [drum kit] lesson, while making it fun.

I've known Waltons New School of Music for many years, and I've always had very good experiences with its exceptional teaching staff and level of education.

I tried learning guitar on my own over the years and then didn't pick up the guitar for two years. This class [Introducing Guitar for Adults] has been perfect for me, with encouraging, good-humoured teaching. I'm enjoying learning!

The very positive approach by the teacher was so encouraging! [Introducing Piano/Keyboard for Adults]

Well explained, well organised, comprehensive and interesting course. [Leaving Cert. Music Two-Year Course]

Great tuition. In-house concerts and scholarships are great opportunities for young players.

A very positive experience and great teaching.

Marta is an amazing teacher. I studied singing [in Dublin] and Paris when I was younger, and the standard of teaching from Marta is much higher than anything I received in the past. More, she brings the techniques that she learnt about in master classes from world-renowned singers such as Barbara Bonney. Marta is encouraging and positive, vocally and emotionally; I feel uplifted when I finish my lesson. It is such a blessing to have her as my teacher. I strongly recommend her.

I'm really happy with Waltons. [bodhrán student]

Engaging, funny teacher who covered the course well. A very beneficial, enjoyable course [Leaving Cert. Music Easter Revision Course]. Well done!

A solid introduction to jazz and improvised music-making. Johnny is not only a great jazz musician but a supportive and inspiring teacher. [Jazz Piano Basics]

The great thing about Waltons is that the school runs to suit the student – for me that was so beneficial and a huge change. A great place to learn.

Great teachers, great place for an adult to learn to sing. As a result of time in the New School I was able to join first the Rathmines Folk Group, then the Sandymount Gospel Choir and then the Donnybrook Church Choir. I have also taken three exams with the Royal Irish Academy of Music, with Honours in my last exam. I am at present preparing for a Grade 6 exam. None of this would have happened were it not for Waltons New School of Music.

I really enjoyed my [violin] lessons. I had a teacher who really understood how adults learn, and she gave me confidence.

Paddy made every lesson an interesting one. He is a superb teacher. [Introducing 5-String Banjo]

My teacher made it very easy to learn the drums, as he broke each skill down into its elements. Also, the drum kit here is fantastic.

The teachers were extremely talented, engaging and knowledgeable. I loved the demonstrations of various instruments (especially the pipes).

Kieran's relaxed way of teaching makes you feel at home on the course [Songwriting Workshop] and gives you the confidence to perform in front of your fellow classmates. I can't believe I stood up in front of a room full of people and performed my own songs! It was an amazing experience.

It gave me a much greater insight into the pieces / set works. [Leaving Cert. Music Easter Revision Course]

Thank you Waltons New School of Music for providing a course I had been looking around for and for delivering on its promises. Superb tutor!

Everyone should take Introducing Banjo. It's my new favourite thing to do, and it's really fun to learn at the same time.

Very interesting. Great to understand how music works. [Leaving Cert. Music Two-Year Course]

The lovely, very caring, a natural educator. [Music for Me]

I was very satisfied with the quality of teaching, the time management, the professional school facilities such as rooms and the environment of many instruments being taught under one roof.

My singing teacher is very motivational and passionate about music. I found the lessons at Waltons a valuable learning experience and great fun at the same time. Highly recommended.

I'd highly recommend taking harp lessons here. I had been thinking about taking lessons for years and am very glad I finally did so. It has been an absolute delight.

No pressure, lots of fun, easy and welcoming.

Super [guitar] teacher who really listens.

Great quick, precise revision for the exam in June, focusing on problematic areas. [Leaving Cert. Music Easter Revision Course]

Very well taught – the teacher knows his stuff! I learned more with him in two days than in two years at school. Notes are easy to understand, and it definitely boosts your confidence towards the exam. [Leaving Cert. Music Easter Revision Course]

I'm back home from Dublin. It was a most pleasant stay, but the high point of it was my bodhrán lesson. I have this personality disorder that manifests itself in collecting instruments and trying to learn them, mostly on my own. Being able to take even just one lesson with a real expert (and a most able teacher), is invaluable. Hope I'll be back soon! [Irish Music Tasters]

Truly amazed at how far I have gone in such a short period. At Christmas I couldn't even hold a fiddle, but I was playing tunes by St. Patrick's Day! [Introducing Irish Fiddle]

John is a master of many styles of guitar playing – Irish traditional, flamenco, jazz, rock, you name it – and his enthusiasm for all kinds of music is infectious. This series of classes [Trad Guitar Basics] was very informative and fun to attend, and it gave me the basis for practise and improvement over the coming months. I enjoyed them greatly.

Excellent teacher. I had so much fun learning to play guitar in a fun and relaxed environment. I will definitely come back. [Introducing Guitar for Teens]

My [piano] teacher is so enthusiastic, encouraging and knowledgeable.

The course [Leaving Cert. Music Easter Revision Course] was very well structured, and we covered a lot of material in a short time. We also received excellent notes.

I loved our bodhrán lesson with Éamonn – patient, witty, amicable and an expert musician – especially when he taught me a rhythm and then he accompanied me on his flute. Great fun! Would absolutely recommend this top notch experience! [Irish Music Tasters]

I think the singing lessons here are brilliant. I only joined a year ago and have seen massive improvements in my vocal range. The lessons are really professional, and I have benefited hugely from them. Thank you!

This has been a most enjoyable and fulfilling learning experience. My [guitar] teacher is a classy, professional but very much down-to-earth guy. He puts you at ease and is hugely encouraging and supportive. On my first visit I was a little tentative on arrival. His style is to engage and listen, and I immediately felt comfortable and assured. Since then I've genuinely enjoyed every minute of these sessions. Don't think I can say that about too many experiences of anything I've been involved with over the years!

My guitar tutor is an undoubted professional who is so well qualified to teach. He also has excellent communication skills – which is not always the case with tutors! I came to improve and that's what I'm achieving, courtesy of a focused and engaging teacher who makes the lessons so enjoyable.

Excellent tuition. Very enjoyable and makes difficult learning very easy. Highly recommended. [Introducing Piano/Keyboard for Adults]

Waltons New School of Music is extremely well organised and professional. The teachers are excellent, and the facilities are extremely good.

The [Introducing Violin for Adults] course gave me a great introduction to a difficult instrument in a friendly, fun environment. It was challenging but thoroughly enjoyable, which I think should be credited to the patience and helpfulness of the teacher.

Its burren of high ceiling rooms supports volumes of happiness.

A great course [Introducing Singing for Adults] for everybody who loves singing! It will help you understand the basics of singing technique, boost your confidence and allow you to meet fantastic people. Highly recommended!

I'm very grateful to my flute teacher for his patience while I was taking my time to play some high notes properly! In my 2nd year at Waltons, I am able to enjoy playing my favourite tunes!

Introduction to Banjo was an excellent starter course. Our tutor Paddy was very patient and paced the lessons very well.

A great introduction to guitar and will be something I'll continue into the future. [Introducing Guitar for Teens]

I really enjoyed the course [Musical Theatre Workshop] and gained a lot of confidence from it. For anyone who likes to sing and has an interest in musicals, it's an ideal opportunity to explore your abilities, and it's great fun as well.

Resuming piano grades 7 and 8 in my 40s was fantastic. Two years of prep, and in year three I did both exams – with Merit and Honours! I can’t stop telling younger people…to just go for it! I’m now 50 and aiming higher!

A fresh, interesting approach. Lots of very useful styles, chords, etc. [Trad Guitar Basics]

I liked the personal approach, ensuring you enjoy the subject. You also get to meet other students, and it's a side comfort to know they are travelling the same, sometimes difficult, road as you. Friendships can be formed too. [Music Fundamentals]

I finished four songs and found my melodic voice, which I thought was impossible as I don't play an instrument. I'd like to do a more advanced class! [Songwriting Workshop]

A lot of fun and a great stress release. [Sing Your Heart Out Choir]

Michael has an encyclopaedic knowledge of harmonica and the blues. He gives great encouragement to his students whilst showing great patience. [Introducing Harmonica]

Creativity at its best! [Songwriting Workshop]

Each class [Introducing Guitar for Adults] brings me closer to a possible dream realised.

This course [Musical Theatre Workshop] is excellent for developing both acting and singing skills in fun, relaxed and creative atmosphere. Sinéad is dedicated, enthusiastic and open to letting the class develop their performance. I hope to take the course again next year, as it has given me the confidence to perform and audition for my local musical society.

I have the best [guitar] teacher in the world!

The teachers here are the best I've ever come across. I have been in the school for seven years and it has never let me down.

Sinéad was brilliant. She brought out the best in me, and I am much more confident now about my voice. I love everything about the course [Musical Theatre Workshop]. Fun, laughter, confidence building.

The guitar teachers at Waltons School of Music are brilliant. I would recommend them to anyone. Shame the term is over.

I really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and our teacher’s enthusiasm and dedication to teaching us how to play. [Introducing Guitar for Adults]

I tried learning online and got nowhere. Already, after the course [Introducing Guitar for Adults], I can play a few songs. Will definitely recommend it.

It is a great singing experience. Besides learning the techniques, you gain confidence in yourself. It is also a relaxing time. [Introducing Singing for Adults]

I could do this course [Musical Theatre Workshop] all year long. Sinéad pushes and pulls you to do your best. The feeling of achievement is ‘grandiose’!

Did not think learning piano could be so easy and fun! [Introducing Piano/Keyboard for Adults]

Relaxed and friendly atmosphere, helpful staff, great teachers.

Fantastic course [Introducing Bodhrán] – really helped me to gain confidence in playing.

My child benefited from individual attention from an excellent teacher in a small group. [Introducing Violin for Children]

It's really exciting to hear the progress your own voice can make in the space of a term with guidance from your teacher, learning to relax and proper breathing. Love it!

A great introduction to singing and the different genres of music. The course [Introducing Singing for Adults] definitely made me want to pursue further vocal training.

Our group is made up of students studying to become music teachers in the public schools of Denmark, and we attended your Introduction to Irish Music and Tin Whistle Taster. I must say that both of them were perfectly planned. The Introduction was delivered with humour and a smile, making a sometimes heavy subject easy to understand, and the Tin Whistle Taster was great, focusing on different methods of teaching beginners to play. We had a great time and experience at Waltons New School of Music, and I would highly recommend that music students at our school do the same if they choose Dublin as their destination for future study trips.

Experience with my [drum kit] teacher has been fantastic. He's a great teacher with lots of patience – encouraging and really passionate.

I had a great time enjoying my passion for singing in a friendly atmosphere, and discovering new skills step by step with a very patient teacher who brings you as high as possible. An experience I advise for anyone interested in singing. [Jazz Vocal Workshop]

I started the course [Musical Theatre Workshop] wanting to sing but not believing I could. I ended it on a high note – literally. I found my voice through the energy, enthusiasm and love of singing Sinéad shares and gives to you – to find your voice is a powerful gift to yourself.

Everybody in the class [Musical Theatre Workshop] hugely improved. Great fun!

A very enjoyable course [Introducing Singing for Adults]. The teacher was very experienced and all participants improved hugely, even shrinking violets!

I like the structured approach and empathetic teacher with the ability to identify and help areas of weakness. [Introducing Piano/Keyboard for Adults]

An excellent teacher with so much to give. [The Art & Craft of Songwriting]

I don't think anyone wanting to learn jazz piano could find a better teacher than Johnny Taylor.

If you love to sing but are not sure how to progress, give the singing course [Introducing Singing for Adults] a go. Hugely enjoyable and a great way to progress in a small group. It helps with wobbly nervous voices too! Highly recommended.

Dedicated and excellent choir director/tutor. [Sing Your Heart Out Choir]

Inspiring tutor made every single class [Jazz Vocal Workshop] interesting, challenging but most of all fun and highly rewarding.

Great teacher with lots of good tips and helpful notes. [Leaving Cert. Music Pre-Exam Revision Workshop]

Great foundation for a jazz beginner. Johnny has a very positive, open and encouraging approach. [Jazz Piano Basics]

Good atmosphere, enthusiastic and supportive teacher, and small class size. This course [Trad Guitar Basics] helped me take another important step towards becoming a better guitar player.

I found the course [Introducing Guitar for Adults] very enjoyable and very much looked forward to my hour class every week. My teacher created a very relaxed and fun learning environment and managed to include enough variation for me to have a good understanding of guitar playing. Will be continuing classes in the next term.

The [Introducing Irish Fiddle] teacher was excellent, very encouraging and with endless patience.

The Leaving Cert. Revision Workshop really helped calm the nerves coming up to the exam! I'd advise anyone feeling a bit anxious before the exam to do it.

I've wanted to play piano for years, and thanks to Waltons now I can! [Introducing Piano/Keyboard for Adults]

As an adult student it can be quite daunting starting a new instrument, but Waltons has been extremely supportive and I felt at ease from day one. My Friday evening [tenor saxophone] class is fast becoming the highlight of the week!

A great course [Introducing Music Technology]. Would definitely recommend it. I learned so much...

I expected to learn some chords and a few songs, but I am also learning about music and how it is constructed. The [guitar] lessons have far exceeded my expectations.

I benefited an extraordinary amount from the [saxophone] tuition I received here. I have improved significantly due to the time I've had here and feel more confident in my abilities through these lessons.

Really enjoyed the [Introducing Ukulele] course and am amazed at how much I learned in ten weeks!

Great [Introducing Harmonica] teacher – enthusiastic, good-humoured and very helpful.

Fantastic [Trad Guitar Basics] teacher with stellar enthusiasm.

A very positive and refreshing environment in which to learn. Also the opportunity to be in a class with like minded people who are doing this course because of their love of music brings a whole new element to learning. Many thanks Waltons! [Leaving Cert. Music Two-Year Course]

Clear and informative – and of course Eoin is great craic! [Leaving Cert. Music Two-Year Course]

Great school, great teaching, great experience.

I didn't expect to be able to play seven tunes after only ten weeks. [Introducing Irish Fiddle] was a fantastic introductory course that covered the basics perfectly....

The course [Introducing Singing for Adults] was so much more than I expected. I learned so much and gained confidence within myself. The teacher was an inspiration!

For me, as an aspect of personal development, the classes [Introducing Singing for Adults] were hugely enjoyable and rewarding.

My daughter thoroughly enjoys each [guitar] lesson. In just a short space of time she has developed confidence in playing her guitar and a desire to improve and learn more. This is purely attributable to the fantastic tuition from her teacher. Thank you!

I now have a real sense of direction for what I should be practicing. [Electric Blues Guitar Basics]

Fun, challenging...with lots of good singing. The choir has improved my confidence, and I'm always in a good mood when the class is over. Cathy great! [Sing Your Heart Out Choir]

I was surprised at my ability to progress in quite a short period of time. [Introducing Piano/Keyboard for Adults]

Great classes that help children to develop and appreciate music. [They] leave each week happy and want to return the following week. Everything I had hoped for. [Music for Me]

Fantastic course [Flamenco Guitar Basics] for anyone interested in this beautiful instrument.

[My daughter] really enjoyed coming to her class. It was the highlight of her week, and we would listen to the songs she had learnt all through the week. It was great to see her grow confident amongst the other children. The teacher was great with the kids and always brought a smile to [my daughter's] face. Thanks again for your help! [Music for Me]

Having just retired from work, I decided to have a go at learning the violin. I was apprehensive about the prospect, not having any experience of playing a musical instrument. However, all my concerns were unnecessary as I found the course [Introducing Violin for Adults] relaxing and my progress of learning the instrument quicker than anticipated.

Waltons have an exceptional range of courses suitable for any music lover.

At first I was hesitant about joining an adult singing class [Introducing Singing for Adults]. Now that the class has finished I have no regrets and my Tuesday nights are noticeably empty! My technique and confidence have improved significantly and I finally know how to warm up my vocal chords. I'm looking forward to continuing my musical journey with Waltons!

Sinéad is everything you could ask for in a teacher – supportive, good humoured and puts a huge effort into helping you improve and develop, overcoming your weak points and mastering your strengths. [Musical Theatre Workshop]

The course [Electric Blues Guitar Basics] covered a lot of material that was really handy for us to use ourselves to practice.

I really enjoy working with my [voice] teacher – she is wonderful. I very much like the atmosphere at Waltons, as do my family. I look forward to next term and to improving my voice and technique.

I was hoping to gain some knowledge of jazz music, chords and song structures and improv. singing. I gained exactly that – while hugely enjoying my time here! [Jazz Vocal Workshop]

I really enjoyed learning step-by-step from a master of the instrument, in a relaxed atmosphere. [Introducing Tin Whistle]

I would highly recommend the course [Introducing Guitar for Adults] to anyone who always wanted to learn the guitar, especially those who think they are 'too late' or are afraid of the instrument.

Gentle patience, with individual attention coupled with a welcoming smile, made this class a joy. [Introducing Piano/Keyboard for Adults]

Great fun, great teacher, great group and a great skill learned! [Introducing Irish Fiddle]

I am very happy with my voice lessons at Waltons. I have an amazing teacher, very encouraging and patient, who makes the work fun. I will be continuing my lessons here for as long as I can afford it!

The teacher had an excellent knowledge of music and inspired me! Extremely good notes…easy to apprehend. [Leaving Cert. Music Easter Revision Course]

The teacher is great at providing a fun environment for learning.... [Music for Me]

[My] teacher knows his subject and works at your level and to your agenda – theory and practical perfect. I love it. [jazz piano]

The [Leaving Cert. Music Pre-Exam Revision Workshop] notes are excellent, and you really get a sense of what the examiners are looking for.

Michael made learning fun and very accessible (i.e. you don't have to be 'gifted' to learn to play). He explains techniques well and is very positive. [Introducing Harmonica]

You really develop an appreciation of the Irish tradition and culture. The teacher was great. [Irish Music Tasters]

I really liked the interaction with others and with the teacher. Amazing. [Jazz Blues Ensemble Workshop]

[I have] a very supportive and talented [guitar] teacher. He always goes above and beyond his role as a teacher, and I consider myself very lucky to have found someone with such a unique gift.

There is a bright future for my kids here, despite coming from a background where no one was interested in music. There is no better place than Waltons – an absolute heaven for music.

Harry's approach to teaching the tin whistle is brilliant. He started gently (which I needed) and brought everyone along. There's also a mix of Irish music appreciation that works for me. I'd recommend this class [Introducing Tin Whistle] for anyone interested in learning to play traditional music.

There is an overall 'can do' atmosphere; very accessible and friendly; no ageism; good opening hours.

I liked the one-to-one attention and had a more rounded understanding of music after I did the course. [Leaving Cert. Music Two-Year Course]

Great [piano] teacher, always ready to help, with incredible patience and very helpful suggestions.

I really appreciate studying [piano] at this school. The teachers are very good, and they not only teach you how to play but they also always try to find the best approach for you.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the [Introducing Guitar for Adults] course and would recommend it to anyone.

I never thought I would be able to read chords and actually play something in such a short time. [Introducing Guitar for Adults]

Thoroughly enjoyed the course [Musical Theatre Workshop]. Sinéad is a super teacher!

The [Leaving Cert. Music Easter Revision Course] was great for refreshing the material and clearing up any issues I had with understanding the set works.

I enjoyed the [Introducing Singing for Adults] course immensely and learned a lot. The teacher was excellent and I liked the whole welcoming set up in Waltons New School of Music.

A great course [Introducing Harmonica]. The teacher was very passionate about it, and I think all the students thoroughly enjoyed it. I did!

Gary is a fantastic guitar teacher. His teaching style is so relaxed and as somebody who was an absolute beginner, I cannot believe how much I have learned in such a short space of time. [Introducing Guitar for Adults]

You are never too old to start learning to play an instrument. Cannot believe how much I have learned during the past year. It has been such a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Delighted I have finally taken up playing the guitar.

Enjoyed every [voice] lesson due to the support and encouragement, energy and enthusiasm of my teacher.

Having had only 'classical' training in the past, I have learned so much from this class [Jazz Piano Basics]. The approach to teaching jazz is both friendly and effective.

I have been taking [clarinet] lessons for nearly a year and have progressed greatly.

Waltons New School of Music is a fantastic place to learn a new instrument; the wide variety of tuition available should provide something for all comers.

Michael's style of teaching is very informative as he provided a history of different musical styles, which helped [us understand] what is possible on the instrument. It was a great introduction to the harmonica for someone who is picking it up as a hobby while also providing enough content for someone starting with the instrument seriously. [Introducing Harmonica]

[A] passionate and talented teacher...100% in tune with the student [bass guitar]

Fantastic way to spend an hour learning something new. Relaxed atmosphere. Informal but very informative. Easy to book and very friendly. [Irish Music Tasters]

The teacher explained everything clearly and efficiently [and] made the complicated works easier to grasp. [Leaving Cert. Music Easter Revision Course]

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending The Art & Craft of Songwriting Workshop. I thoroughly enjoyed the course, and it completely exceeded any expectations that I had. The teacher’s experience and encouragement meant that we each left more confident in ourselves and in our abilities to create music.

As an absolute beginner, I did not expect to learn so much in such a short time. Excellent tuition, and the [Introducing Guitar for Adults] course was fun as well as rewarding. Thanks and well done!

John Sweeney is a terrific tutor. He listens to my sons and builds up a great rapport that keeps them interested in the guitar.

Harry is a great teacher, with a passion for Irish music that is infectious. [Introducing Tin Whistle]

[The Jazz Ensemble] has a relaxed atmosphere conducive to learning. Dave is a great teacher and his dedication shows.

The perfect introduction to acoustic blues playing. Highly recommended. [Acoustic Blues Guitar Basics]

An excellent music course for children [Introducing Guitar for Children]. I'm delighted at the progress [my daughter] has made – as is she!

Have been to the Jazz Vocal Workshop at Waltons as well as one-on-one singing lessons. Teachers are personable, friendly, knowledgeable and helpful, so too are the admin staff. I would highly recommend the school and will be signing up again soon for more intensive singing lessons!

Excellent [Introducing Singing for Adults] tuition. I really enjoyed getting to know different voices and different styles of singing.

Aoife is a very patient teacher. She moves the [Introducing Irish Fiddle] class at just the right pace to push you forward, but she doesn't leave anyone behind.

Please do yourself a favour and go to this course. [Jazz Vocal Workshop]

I really enjoyed the [Introducing Irish Fiddle]  course and have signed up for the continuation group. I found the delivery of lessons very effective and benefited hugely from them.

I would highly recommend Harry Long to anyone wanting to take up tin whistle. He is a patient and encouraging tutor. [Introducing Tin Whistle]

My daughter looks forward to her class [Introducing Guitar for Children] each week. She learned so quickly how to read music. The teacher is very good with kids.

I really enjoyed my time here and feel it prepared me well for the Leaving Cert. [Leaving Cert. Music Two-Year Course]

After completing my first year of Leaving Cert. Music, I feel as though I am much more knowledgeable about music as a whole, thanks to the tuition! Also, the atmosphere of the school is extremely welcoming and the staff are lovely! [Leaving Cert. Music Two-Year Course]

Great teachers. Very family friendly. Brilliant one to one teaching.

Both my voice and piano teachers are very knowledgeable and have endless patience. Have already recommended them to family and friends.

Keep doing what you do. It works! [Jazz Vocal Workshop]

An excellent introduction to jazz piano and improvisation. Playing with other jazz musicians at the end was a great experience! [Jazz Piano Basics]

Really good layout. It [Leaving Cert. Music Pre-Exam Revision Workshop] made everything seem easier and gave me more confidence.

Great [Introducing Ukulele] teacher. Never having played an instrument before, I didn't have high expectations for this course, but years ago I fell in love with Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's 'Over the Rainbow' on ukulele and wanted to play it – and believe it or not, now I can!

A comprehensive introduction to the instrument. [Introducing Guitar for Adults]

I was nervous about taking up the piano as an adult, but I enjoyed it even more than I did when I took lessons as a child. I have a very good teacher who has given me the confidence to continue. It takes time, effort and practice but is well worth it.

Brilliant teacher. Really enjoyed the [Introducing Guitar for Adults] course!

Even though it’s a quick review of the course, it goes over everything and you learn some things you didn’t know before. [Leaving Cert. Music Pre-Exam Revision Workshop]

Left the workshop feeling relaxed and prepared to take my exam! [Leaving Cert. Music Pre-Exam Revision Workshop]

All extremely clear and thorough. Brilliant notes. [Leaving Cert. Music Easter Revision Course]

My daughter has a wonderful violin teacher here. She certainly has the knowledge and expertise but most importantly she knows how to work with children and motivate them to stick with it. We’ll be back.

[A]n exceptional musician and [guitar] teacher. I have really enjoyed the variety of material which he has introduced me to. Over the year we have looked at some classical pieces, some Irish music and recently we have been looking at jazz. I feel a lot more confident about my playing, and I have a far better understanding of rhythm in particular. Also, the more I play the more I enjoy listening to music. I look forward to the class each week, and I would like to thank my teacher for his patience and his very clear manner of explaining musical concepts.

Concise, easy-to-study information. I feel confident about the exam. [Leaving Cert. Music Two-Year Course]

Harry's teaching methods are excellent, and I could see my own skills improving each week. Great atmosphere in the classroom. [Introducing Tin Whistle]

Waltons is simply the best.

I can't speak too highly of Waltons New School of Music and of Paddy Kiernan's tuition for the banjo. I love what I am learning and go away from each [Introducing 5-String Banjo] lesson more motivated to learn.

Professionally organised singing classes that enable you to sing with confidence and have fun doing so! [Jazz Vocal Workshop]

Clear and confident [clarinet] teacher.

Very clear and informative. A must for music students. [Leaving Cert. Music Preliminary Course]

Very clear and informative. A must for music students. A great teacher. [Leaving Cert. Music Easter Revision Course]

Reliable and enjoyable tuition for the young and not so young.

My [piano] lessons helped to ignite an interest I thought I had lost. Give it a go!

I'm a mature student with limited time to play an instrument, and Waltons have been great.... I've had a very encouraging teacher, I'm so glad I took up violin, and I plan to continue. Thanks!

Great course [Introducing Music Technology]. Software well explained [and] no other school teaches Reason and Cubase at this price.

A wonderful musical experience. [Introducing Music Technology]

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of learning and developing a new skill. This was further enhanced by the enthusiasm, motivation and continual encouragement and support of the teacher. [Introducing Guitar for Adults]

[Introducing Singing for Adults] was so enjoyable that I never noticed the time passing and was always surprised when the time was up!

Really enjoyed the [Introducing World Drumming] course and learned so much.

Thanks to all in the New School for arranging such professional tuition with such experienced staff.

The course [Leaving Cert. Music Easter Revision Course] really helped to boost my music knowledge and helped me to revise over what I already know. The notes were succinct yet highlighted the most important parts. Overall, an excellent course.

I have loved working at my own pace without any pressure or set songs I must learn. My [voice] teacher is incredibly understanding and wonderful to work with. It is refreshing to be taught by someone with a real passion for their skill.

Excellent school. Excellent teachers and staff, who really give their time in the interest of students. Studying at Waltons has re-ignited my absolute passion for music.

Excellent school, can't recommend it highly enough. Thank you.

Our [Jazz Vocal Workshop] teacher is very knowledgeable, patient and good-humoured, and I enjoyed exploring a new area of singing with someone who is both an expert in her field and able to teach it. This is my third course at Waltons and all three have been great.

[A] very patient teacher, and I really enjoy her classes [Introducing Irish Fiddle]. She moves at a steady pace, neither too slow nor too fast, and uses a variety of teaching methods. It’s amazing to see how much we have progressed in such a short time.

Really enjoyed the [Trad Guitar Basics] course and John – he is a wealth of knowledge!

After each [Trad Guitar Basics] session I left with a smile on my face because I'd learned something new. Thank you very much and see you for another course.

Studying with Kevin and John was the highlight of my musical experience in Dublin. Both are master musicians and exceptional teachers. Many thanks. Shalom, shalom. [Irish Music Tasters]

I looked forward to the [Musical Theatre Workshop] class every week. It was not only therapeutic, but immensely fun and enjoyable.

The small class [Leaving Cert. Music Two-Year Course] made it easier to learn and interact. Everyone could answer (or ask) questions in class.

I learned way more in the last two days than in the last few months. [Leaving Cert. Music Easter Revision Course]

Just a great, beneficial course [Jazz Vocal Workshop]. I'm loving it!

I like the super friendly staff (both office and teachers), great location and ability to adapt individual tuition to your own pace and time commitments.

It's a very happy place, and you'll benefit greatly from going there.

[My voice teacher] is caring, kind and hard working, and I feel I have improved so much.

Great interaction between the teacher and each individual student. Great fun too! [Introducing Guitar for Adults]

The school approaches lessons in a practical and non-regimental way. The staff are interested in the student as a person, not just exam results.

Very friendly atmosphere and really nice people. A great place to learn.

A fantastic opportunity to go over the course with a lecturer who really knows his stuff. [Leaving Cert. Music Easter Revision Course]

Whatever your level, Waltons has the class/teacher for you!

Very helpful staff, professional courses.

The best adult start-up for piano that I have come across. [Introducing Piano/Keyboard for Adults]

The [Introducing Irish Fiddle] course was great. The 10 weeks flew by, and I can't believe how much we learnt in that time.

Very thorough and clearer than what we learned in school. Great value and great content! [Leaving Cert. Music Easter Revision Course]

My violin teacher completely accommodated my ambition to progress quickly in learning the instrument, starting from absolutely no experience.

Great location, friendly staff…excellent [double bass] teacher and good opening hours.

My son's [piano] teacher has a great approach and teaching skills for all levels. Would not change her in a million years. Concerts which are held in the school are fantastic preparation for stage or exams.

I’ve learnt so much from my teacher that I wasn’t able to learn from singing lessons elsewhere.

The teacher was very enthusiastic. His love for the music shone through! [Irish Music Tasters]

Very good [Music for Me] course and atmosphere.... [My son] loved the teacher, different instruments and other children. Interaction helped him to ‘come out of his shell’.

Highly enjoyable course [Introducing Bodhrán]. Would definitely recommend.

A fantastic course [Musical Theatre Workshop], high energy, wonderfully taught, with clear instruction and a great class atmosphere. I'd recommend it to anyone.

Enthusiastic teacher, great song choices, good introduction to the subject of jazz. [Jazz Vocal Workshop]

Michael McInerney has the blues running through his veins. I didn't really expect much from the [Introducing Harmonica] course, but it's so good I keep signing up for more terms of harmonica playing. Great fun too!

The best singing teacher I have ever had – have learned so much.

Great introduction to Irish music and the rhythmic patterns behind it. [Irish Music Tasters]

The [Introducing Piano/Keyboard for Adults] course is fantastic. I knew nothing about piano and keyboard, and now I am excited to continue and feel comfortable and confident in what I've learned thus far.

I learned so much.... The teacher was excellent with a wide knowledge of the field. [Introducing Music Technology]

Loved every minute. [Introducing World Drumming]

My son is very lucky to have found such a generous, committed and talented [double bass] tutor.

For the absolute best time in Dublin, take an Irish Music Taster. The staff is excellent and your time is well spent.

I learned loads and really feel like I have a good general knowledge of guitar. [Introducing Guitar for Teens]

I love sitting in the hall, listening to students having their lessons. The beauty of their achievements and efforts cheers me up and encourages me as I enter into the world of music.

Michael is a really enthusiastic and capable teacher. I enjoyed both his humour and his teaching methods. He's very patient and encouraging. [Introducing Harmonica]

You are never too old to play an instrument. I have only had five [Introducing Irish Fiddle] classes and can now play three tunes to my satisfaction.

Exceeds expectations. Didn't think we would get so much individual time. [Introducing Piano/Keyboard for Adults]

This is a well-designed course [Introducing Harmonica] where progress is nearly guaranteed (as long as you practice enough). Michael McInerney knows what he is talking about, and he definitely has the skills to bring you to the next level.

Very good [voice] teacher, with excellent knowledge of good technique. Keep up the good work.

I have found my singing lessons at Waltons very professional and look forward to attending every week! I would recommend Waltons to any musician.

Waltons New School of Music is a friendly, professional music school with teachers who care about their students and go above and beyond the norm. I would recommend anyone to sign up for lessons/classes here. Great job guys!

Great teacher, full of knowledge, who made the [Introducing Bodhrán] classes fun and incorporated extra teaching tools to go above and beyond.

The teacher was very friendly and professional. We were very happy with our 5-year-old son attending the [Music for Me] class and look forward to him joining the class again in September.

The school is conveniently located in the very centre of Dublin, open early to late, with dedicated music instructors. I was delighted with my lessons and found them both worthwhile and very helpful. I can recommend the school to my friends and acquaintances with great confidence.

[I have] an excellent [guitar] teacher, and I felt that every week I was being challenged with new songs, new chords and new strumming patterns that took me out of my comfort zone and made me a little more confident.

Imagine a singing course where you learn a huge amount in a short time and have fabulous fun doing it – that's the Musical Theatre Workshop.

Take that chance – it is never too late. From the day I signed up for the [Songwriting Workshop] course to the last session the teacher and staff were so helpful and friendly. Just go for it!

Great experience – highly recommend it. Excellent teacher and notes, very well explained and easy to understand. [Leaving Cert. Music Easter Revision Course]

When I took music lessons as a child I hated the regimen of scales, etc. with no tunes. In ten weeks I can play five tunes that folks can recognise. [Introducing Irish Fiddle]

The relaxed atmosphere made the [Introducing Guitar for Adults] course really enjoyable, which made the lessons a lot easier and helped me to progress quicker than I ever expected.

Whether you are young or old, Waltons is a very pleasant environment in which to study music. [Introducing Violin for Adults student]

I came with the object of turning ideas into songs. I left with a complete song from an idea I had for years. Results! [The Art & Craft of Songwriting]

I'm no Paco de Lucia but with this class [Flamenco Guitar Basics] at least I've taken the first step!

Everyone was so friendly and knew what they were talking about. The lesson was tons of fun and very interesting – plus you get to beat on things! [Irish Music Tasters]

The school has always consistently delivered tuition of a very high standard.

The lesson was very good and the teacher was great, encouraging and relaxed. [Irish Music Tasters]

Very friendly and professional school, with great staff.

I had no music background but the teacher was very helpful and made it very enjoyable. I really enjoyed the [Introducing Violin for Adults] classes. Thanks!

Great, knowledgeable teacher. This beginner guitar class [Introducing Guitar for Adults] helped me go from not knowing one end of a guitar from the other to actually being able to play a song!

A great [voice] teacher...really encouraging and patient. She has really helped me to regain the confidence in singing that I thought I had lost.

Once you go in the door, it’s all about music music music...

The facilities are great, and there is a great atmosphere here.

A pleasure to spend an hour doing something different with a genuinely passionate musician and totally nice bloke. [Irish Music Tasters]

Michael is a fantastic teacher who combines huge enthusiasm for his subject with huge knowledge (and patience!). An excellent course [Acoustic Blues Guitar Basics].

The course [Musical Theatre Workshop] is fun filled and focused. A joy!

The course is both challenging and fun, and the teacher is excellent. [Jazz Blues Ensemble Workshop]

The Musical Theatre Workshop is just an amazing course. Sinéad is a fantastic teacher – encouraging and honest. Having done the course twice now, I find it has really helped me with my confidence in performing and also in my everyday life. Even my seniors in work have noticed the change, so thanks Sinéad!

My fiddle teacher is really helpful and encouraging. I always leave feeling more confident about my playing. Thanks!

[A] great teacher for introducing my daughter to the world of music. She learned lots and enjoyed every [Music for Me] class.

I would definitely recommend anyone to take singing lessons at Waltons. My singing teacher taught me how to sing and brought up techniques to develop my voice in a way I could understand in just a few weeks of lessons. She was extremely friendly, welcoming, warm and professional all at once. She is an amazing teacher and singer, and you can tell she loves it by the way she teaches…with a lot of passion and interest.

If you are an adult and have always wanted to learn piano, this introductory group course [Introducing Piano/Keyboard for Adults] is an ideal place to start.

In the two days that I’ve been here I feel more confident about the Leaving Cert. exam than I’ve felt in two years at school. [Leaving Cert. Music Easter Revision Course]

The tuition is first rate...fantastic tutor, with excellent ability in both playing and teaching. [Introducing Guitar for Adults]

A very beneficial course [The Art & Craft of Songwriting] – kick-started my songwriting!

Very relaxed, friendly approach. Paddy encourages everyone to ask questions and is great at demonstrating. [Introducing 5-String Banjo]

Our son, eight years of age, thoroughly enjoys his [piano] lessons and he wants to practice! Thank you!

I looked forward to the lesson every week. Marieclaire is an excellent teacher...always enthusiastic and encouraging. I’ll definitely be recommending [Introducing Violin for Adults] to other people, and will be attending the next stage.

I am writing just to let you know how good an experience we had with the Waltons New School of Music last year. Our then six-year-old son did the one-year piano group course [Introducing Piano/Keyboard for Children] last year and his progress throughout the year was way beyond any expectation we had. I have recommended the school to a number of people and will continue to do so. I believe my son's experience with the school may well have given him something that will enhance his entire life. Thanks and well done to you all.

I have been singing 'au natural' for years, but in the [Introducing Singing for Adults] class I learned about the importance of breathing correctly when singing, and also posture and other things that helped me feel that I could improve.

I have really enjoyed [Introducing Violin for Adults] at the school, especially the outstanding teaching skills, kindness and patience of the instructor. I have to say that choosing this course was a very good decision.

Fantastic progress combined with A child friendly and fun approach. [Introducing Violin for Children]

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