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Music Technology Tuition

at Waltons New School of Music

‘As far as the music was concerned, John Lennon was always looking for the impossible, the unattainable. He was never satisfied.
He once said to me, “You know, George, I’ve never really liked anything we’ve ever done.” I said, “Really John? But you made some fantastic records!” He said, “Well, if I could do them all over again I would.”‘

– George Martin

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Our Programme

The New School’s Music Technology programme focuses on practical, inexpensive music technology tuition for musicians, teachers and students. With the rapid development of affordable (or free) music software, technology is changing the face of music by putting more and more music-making capability – from composition to performance to recording and production – into the hands of creative musicians and educators:

  • The availability of low-cost technology now makes it cheaper for individual musicians and groups to invest in professional microphones and software to work on material in their own space – and at their own pace – than to pay expensive studio rates.
  • Amateur musicians and songwriters with nothing but a computer and sound card can write, play, record and notate music in their own homes.
  • Young composers unable to afford live musicians can now hear realistic ‘performances’ of complex works and create their own scores and parts without resorting to expensive music typesetters.
  • Renowned film composer and winner of an Academy Award, three Grammy Awards and two Golden Globes, Hans Zimmer has used computers and music technology to write the music for over a hundred films.
  • Professional musicians working in genres ranging from rock to trad to jazz are extending their live performance capabilities through technology.
  • Educational and recording/production software allows primary and post-primary music teachers to greatly enhance their music appreciation and theory instruction.
  • Instrumental and singing students can now use ‘intelligent accompaniment’ software that listens as they play or sing and responds to spontaneous tempo changes.

Tuition Options

We offer the following music technology tuition options at the New School:

  • Introducing Music Technology, a practical, hands-on course designed to teach absolute beginners how a PC and inexpensive home studio technology can be used to record and produce virtually anything at home.
  • Private and Intensive Lessons in a range of music technology subjects.
  • Music Technology for Post-Primary Students, a one-day workshop that explores the myriad applications of music technology.
  • Leaving Cert. Music Technology, a one-day workshop that covers all of the requirements of the Music Technology core activity (‘demonstrating an ability to understand and to use micro-technology music-making systems’) at Higher Level. We can also prepare individual students for this activity through private or Intensive lessons.
  • Songwriting & Music Production outreach workshops for both primary and post-primary schools that teach and make extensive use of music technology and production techniques.
Music Technology
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