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Intensive Lessons

Waltons New School of Music

‘Who hears music, feels his solitude
Peopled at once.’
Robert Browning

Single one- or two-hour Intensive Lessons – for all skill levels – can be arranged for almost any instrument (including voice/singing) and subject taught at the New School.

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About Our Intensive Lessons

The New School’s Intensive Lessons are a flexible approach to music tuition and are ideal for:

  • Students who would like to schedule their lessons on different days/times or at different frequencies (i.e. every two or three weeks) or who cannot be accommodated on our regular timetable.
  • Students preparing for performances, auditions, entrance examinations, competitions or practicals.
  • Prospective students who would like to ‘try out’ lessons before committing to longer-term enrolment.

Please note that two-hour Intensive Lessons are most suitable for intermediate/advanced instrumentalists or singers, or for music technology.

Instruments • Subjects Available

We offer Intensive Lessons in the following instruments and subjects:

Banjo • 5-String & 4-String
Bass Guitar • Electric Bass
Cello • Violoncello
Clarinet • Classical & Jazz
Drums • Drum Kit (all styles)
Double Bass • Classical & Jazz
Ear Training
Fiddle • Irish & Bluegrass
Flute • Concert/Classical & Irish Traditional
Guitar • Acoustic, Classical, Electric, Flamenco, Jazz, Irish Traditional
Harmonica • Diatonic & Chromatic
Home Recording
Irish Harp
Jazz Improvisation
Junior Cert. Musicianship
Leaving Cert. Musicianship
Music Technology
Music Theory
Performance Diploma Preparation
Piano • Classical & Jazz
Recording Techniques
Saxophone • Classical & Jazz
Sean-nós Singing
Sight Singing
Singing • Voice
Uilleann Pipes
Violin • Classical, Jazz, Gypsy
Voice • Singing
Whistle • Tin Whistle & Low Whistle
World Drumming • Djembe, Congas, Bongos, etc.


‘My Intensive [guitar] Lesson was really helpful. Made daunting things seem a lot simpler.’
– D. Cadgen

‘A fantastic tutor. Waltons should be proud to have him.’
– B. Coughlan

‘The tuition is clear and focused, but also flexible.’
– M. Crockett

‘I have been taken singing intensives on and off for the past three years. Early on, I decided not to stick to one teacher so I could benefit from different approaches, and the standard of teaching from all the teachers I’ve had has been uniformly excellent.’
– C. Doyle

‘Very good for audition preparation. Very flexible and helpful.’
– A. Fitzsimons

‘Much as I’d like to take lessons every week, my work schedule doesn’t allow it, and I have found Intensive Lessons to be an ideal solution to this problem. I take an Intensive Lesson whenever I can, and my teacher gives me plenty of material to work on between lessons.’
– E. Sanders

‘What I liked best about it were my teacher’s kindness, praise and unfailing good humour. I am a much older (elderly!) pupil, and she gave me great confidence.’
– E. Tuohy

Intensive Lesson Fees

1-Hour Lessons
1 student €50
2 students €30/student
3 students €24/student
4 students €20/student
2-Hour Lessons *
1 student €90
2 students €54/student
3 students €38 student
4 students €32/student

* 2-hour Intensive Lessons are suitable only for intermediate-advanced instrumentalists, singers or groups, or for music theory, music technology or songwriting.

Booking Intensive Lessons

In order to confirm teacher availability, you should book your Intensive Lesson(s) at least 24 hours in advance. Except for wind instruments and uilleann pipes intensive lessons, instruments may be borrowed for use in the lesson – subject to availability – if required.


Intensive Lessons
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