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Waltons New School of Music

The New School’s Regulations are listed in alphabetical order below.

Attendance Policy

Payment must be made for all lessons/classes, whether taken or missed. Make-up lessons/classes will not be given in the case of student absence. As a courtesy to the teacher, we ask that the school office be notified if a student is to be absent. If the teacher is unable to give a lesson/class, the student may be given the option of taking a make-up lesson with the student’s own teacher or taking the lesson with a substitute teacher. Lessons falling on bank holidays will be rescheduled to another day.

Child Protection Policy

Waltons New School of Music is fully committed to providing a safe environment for children and young people, and to safeguarding the well being of our young students, both within the school and in the context of our Outreach Programme. See our Child Protection Policy.

Child Safety

To ensure your child’s safety, please be sure to pick him/her up promptly after lesson/class time. Children are under supervision during their instruction time only. Neither teachers nor administrators are responsible for supervising children outside of teaching time.


Communication with adult students or parents is normally by email or text message. (The New School’s mobile phone number is 086 869 5415.) Please ensure that we have up-to-date contact details for you, especially your email address and mobile phone number, and please check your emails on a regular basis.


Students are expected to behave in a responsible manner and with due regard for their health and safety, as well as the health and safety of other students and members of staff. Students may not enter classrooms without permission, and may do so only for their lessons/courses or to practice. Food and drink may not be consumed in teaching/practice rooms. Smoking is strictly prohibited in Waltons New School of Music and adjunct teaching facilities.


Waltons New School of Music reserves the right to dismiss any student due to frequent absences, disciplinary reasons, overdue tuition payments and/or non-compliance with New School regulations.

Enrolment Procedure

Enrolment for lessons and courses at Waltons New School of Music requires a completed enrolment form and, except for those students using payment plans (see below), full payment of tuition fees.

  • Private Lessons Although we schedule new students in order of enrolment and make every effort to suit student preferences, scheduling of private lessons will depend on available time slots with the most suitable teacher(s). Scheduling of new Second and Third Term enrolments takes place no earlier than two weeks before the start of term.
  • Partner and Small Group Lessons Students enrolling for partner lessons (two students) and small group lessons (three or four students) are responsible for forming their own groups. Booking of partner and small group lessons cannot be confirmed until enrolment forms and tuition fees are received from all group members.
  • Group Courses Places in group courses are available on a first-come, first-served basis, based on date of enrolment.

Fee Payment

We accept full tuition fee payments and payment plan deposits by cash, cheque, credit/debit card or bank transfer. If paying by bank transfer, please do so well in advance so that the payment will arrive in our bank before your / your child’s tuition is due to begin. Also, be sure to identify clearly who is making the transfer, and send us a receipt to indicate that you have done so. Our bank details for electronic transfers are:

  • Account No: 52662401
  • Sort Code: 90 00 33
  • IBAN: IE34 BOFI 9000 3352 6624 01

We accept payment plan instalments (see below) by credit/debit card or post-dated cheques (both provided when enrolling) only.

Payment Plans

Students enrolled for private lessons, partner or small group lessons and/or ensembles are eligible for payment plans, which require an initial deposit and one or more instalment payments. Term tuition payment plans are accepted only if enrolment is for the full term and takes place before the first day of term (17 September, 7 January or 29 April in the 2018-2019 school year).

Payment plan deposits can be paid by cash, cheque or credit/debit card. Payment plan instalments can be paid by credit/debit card or post-dated cheques (those paying by post-dated cheques must provide them at the time of enrolment). Those paying instalment payments by credit/debit card must provide card details at the time of booking and are responsible for notifying the school should there be any changes to these details over the period of enrolment. An additional administration charge of €25 will be incurred should card details be incorrect, or should there be insufficient funds for the school to process a post-dated cheque or credit/debit-card payment on the first day of the month that payment is due. Cash will not be accepted in lieu of post-dated cheques or credit/debit-card payments. Although there are no finance charges, payment plan fees include an additional processing charge of €8 per instalment payment.

Group Course Cancellation

The New School reserves the right to cancel any group course because of insufficient enrolment. In such a case, enrolled students may be given the option of taking partner or small group lessons of equivalent or greater value or a full refund of tuition fees.

Instruments • Practice

Regular practice is an essential element of music tuition, and all students enrolled for instrumental lessons or courses must have an instrument (or regular access to one) to practise at home. New School classrooms with pianos can be hired for piano practice, and our drum room can be hired by currently-enrolled drum kit students for practice. (See Practice • Rehearsal Facilities for more information.)

Medical Information • Special Needs

It is essential that adult students and parents of young students inform the school when enrolling if they have any form of long-term illness or allergy, and if they are taking any form of medication. It is particularly important that we know about conditions such as asthma, diabetes or epilepsy, so we can handle any emergencies in an informed way. It is also important to know if a student has any hearing or sight impairment, or any learning difficulties that might affect his/her ability to respond in a lesson or class. All medical information will be treated in the strictest confidence by the school.

Mobile Phones

We ask all students to turn off mobile phones during lessons or classes unless they are waiting for an emergency call or using them, with their teacher’s permission, to record the lesson or class. When recording a lesson or class, we ask students to mute their phones or put them into ‘airplane’ or ‘flight’ mode.

Photo • Video Release Policy

From time to time we take photographs of students in lessons, courses or concerts for possible use on our website or publications. No compensation is provided to individuals who appear in the photographs. Please let us know if you do not wish you or your child’s photograph to appear on our website or publications. Occasionally we also film school concerts and showcases for the school’s YouTube channel. Performers who have been filmed will be asked for permission before videos of their performances are made public.


Students enrolling by term must re-enrol before the end of each term in order to guarantee their place on the school timetable for the next term. Places cannot be held without advance notification of re-enrolment, as well as full payment of fees. Verbal notice from students, parents or faculty cannot be accepted. For the new school year, we require that all students – those re-enrolling as well as those new to the school – fully complete a new enrolment form. Enrolment cannot be confirmed and students cannot be scheduled until we receive completed enrolment forms and applicable tuition fees. We process and schedule enrolments in order of receipt and recommend booking early, since teachers’ timetables fill up quickly.

Severe Weather Cancellation Policy

The decision to close Waltons New School of Music due to severe weather is determined by safety conditions and is based on national advisories. While we cannot guarantee that all lessons and classes will be made up for dates closed due to an emergency, we will endeavour to do so whenever possible. There are no refunds for lessons and classes cancelled due to severe weather.

Please note that we do not phone individual students or parents regarding severe weather closure. Please see our website or Facebook page for updates.

Tuition Assistance

Waltons New School of Music offers a tuition assistance programme, based on financial need, to help defray the cost of tuition at the school. Although there are a limited number of tuition assistance awards each year, every effort will be made to assist those students who, because of financial circumstances, would otherwise be unable to study at the New School. The range of awards is between 10% and 40% of the total anticipated tuition fees for those who qualify. See our Tuition Assistance Application for more information.

Tuition Discounts

10% tuition discounts (which cannot be compounded) are for 30-minute private lessons only and apply to over-65s, unemployed persons, dependent children (under 18) of unemployed persons and third-level students with valid identification. Discounts also apply to Lunchtime Lessons (30-minute lessons taken between 10 am and 2 pm, Monday – Friday) and to additional 30-minute lessons taken by a single student or lessons taken by additional students from the same family. Discounts do not apply to group lessons or group courses.


Notice of withdrawal from private lessons and requests for refunds must be made in writing, sent via our Contact Us Form or posted to the school office. Please include the reason for your withdrawal in your message. And please understand that verbal notice from students, parents or faculty cannot be accepted. Refunds are made as follows:

  • Withdrawal notice received at least one week before the first scheduled lesson: full refund less €25.
  • Withdrawal notice received at least two days before the second or third scheduled lesson: student charged for lesson(s) taken, plus one additional lesson.
  • No refund can be made after the third lesson.

Tuition discounts for a second private lesson or for additional family members (see Tuition Discounts tab) will be adjusted if a student withdraws. No refunds will be made for group courses or group lessons, although in exceptional circumstances deferral of a group course may be possible.

New School Regulations
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