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Frequently Asked Questions about

Music for Me

What is Music for Me?

Music for Me is the New School’s ‘early years’ or ‘pre-instrumental’ programme, designed to prepare children for further music exploration and help them to have a successful transition into instrumental study. The programme can be taken sequentially, from the ages of 3 to 6, or children can enter, subject to available places, at various stages.

How many children are there in a Music for Me course?

Our classes range in size from six to a maximum of twelve children.

Can I accompany my child to class?

Although children attend classes on their own, parents are welcome to stay in the classes as observers for the first couple of weeks until their child is acclimatised, but your continued presence after that can be distracting and disruptive for the children. Parents, either participating or observing, should never bring other children into the class, as this can also be distracting and disruptive. Starting on the second week of classes, parents are encouraged to sign up to participate in at least one class per term. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity; participating in your child’s class shows how much you value his or her musical discoveries.

What if my child doesn't like the course?

The first class in a new environment with strangers can often be stressful, especially for children who have never taken a group class before or have never been away from their parents. Music for Me classes are a cumulative experience in which the children grow and learn together, and one or two classes is not a true indicator of a child’s educational experience in the semester-long course. If, however, your child has not settled into the class within two or three weeks, or if the school recommends that your child not continue, an allowance will be made for fees paid. If a parent decides to remove a child for other reasons, the tuition fee cannot be refunded.

During the course, my child will be old enough for the next level. Which course should I register for?

Parents should register children for the class that is age-appropriate at the beginning of the course. If a child outgrows the class, his/her teacher will recommend switching to the next class. However, since the age ranges of Music for Me classes are relatively small, children mature and develop together over the course of the semester and are generally well matched.

Why is my child drawing pictures in a music class?

The majority of your child’s music class will consist of making music. However, the Music for Me programme helps children learn musical concepts by reinforcing them through other creative activities. For example, children might experience a steady beat by playing it on an instrument, moving to the beat with their bodies, and then creating a picture that shows the repetitive pattern of steady beats. This process is in accordance with the findings of many researchers who have studied how children learn best.

What’s next after the Music for Me programme?

Children can take private (one-to-one), partner or small group lessons in various instruments at the school. We also offer three group instrumental courses for children aged 6-8:

How will I know what instrument is best for my child after Music for Me?

Children will have the most success with an instrument when they have been allowed to participate in the process of choosing it. Music for Me classes allow children to see, hear and sometimes play a range of instruments. Many parents report to us that their child fell in love with a specific instrument after hearing and/or playing it in one of their classes.

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