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Term Re-enrolment Form

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Please complete this form if you are / your child is a term-enrolled or group course student at Waltons New School of Music, and you would like to re-enrol for the Second or Third Term. Please note that this form is only for re-enrolment in the same school year. Students re-enrolling for the next school year should complete the appropriate enrolment form.

See the following pages for private, partner, small group lesson and ensemble fees:

Second Term
Third Term
Summer Term

Your Information



(if student is under 18)
(if student is under 18)
(if applicable)


Please note that re-enrolment for partner and small group lessons cannot be confirmed until reenrolment forms and tuition fees are received from all group members.
If partner or small group lesson, please list other group member name(s).
Please select the term or terms you are re-enrolling for.
(if applicable)
Please select the term or terms you are re-enrolling for.

(Please note that students/parents re-enrolling before our term re-enrolment deadline can be guaranteed their lesson day, time and teacher. However, if we do not receive your re-enrolment form and fees by the deadline, we will assume that you are not re-enrolling and may offer your / your child's place on our timetable to a student on our waiting list or to a newly enrolled student.)

Please select up to four preferences.
Our opening hours are: Mon–Thu 10am–10 pm • Fri 10am–8pm • Sat 10am–6pm.


(If intermediate course or workshop, please list it here.)
(If partner or small group lessons, list other names.)
Please indicate all available days/times for a continuation course or workshop, or for lessons.
Our opening hours are: Mon–Thu 10am–10 pm • Fri 10am–8pm • Sat 10am–6pm.
(Children taking one of our Music for Me pre-instrumental courses can take one of our Move Your Feet & Sing to the Beat courses in the Third Term. Please specify the class, if applicable.)


(Discounted ensemble fees apply to students also enrolled for private or group tuition at the school.)


(Students/parents re-enrolling for private, partner and small group lessons, as well as full-fee ensembles, can pay by payment plan. Group course and discounted ensemble re-enrolments require full fee payment.)

Please note that for single-term payment plans, enrolment must take place before the first day of the new term.
How will you pay the full fee or payment plan deposit?
If using a payment plan, how will you pay the instalment payment(s)?


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