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Enrolment Form

2018-2019 Lessons • Ensembles

Please complete this form if you would like to enrol yourself or your child for private (one-to-one), partner or small group lessons (three or four students) at the school. (Partner and small group lessons are designed for students at the same level of proficiency who enrol together.) Students can also use this form to enrol for ensembles in addition to lessons.

Please note:

  1. This is an enrolment – not an enquiry – form, so please complete it only if you intend to enrol yourself or your child. If you would like to make an enquiry about tuition at the New School, please use our contact form instead.
  2. Submission of this form does not guarantee a place, and payment of the tuition fee, or deposit and payment plan arrangement, is required to confirm your, or your child’s, enrolment. We are not able to hold places on our timetable provisionally.
  3. We will get in touch after you submit the form to arrange your or your child’s tuition, teacher(s), day(s) and time(s), as well as to process your payment.

Your Information
Tuition Choice(s)
Day • Time Preferences


(please use dd/mm/yyyy format)
(if student is under 18)
(if student is under 18)
(parent's if student under 18)
Please describe your / your child's previous music experience and/or education (if any).
If enrolment is for instrumental tuition, will you / your child have an instrument to practise at home and bring to class?
If there are other members of your immediate family enrolling, please list them here.
Do you / does your child have a medical condition or special requirements that we should be aware of?
Please tick all that apply.


Lesson One

If enrolling for lessons, please complete this section with your, or your child's, instrument or subject choice. If enrolling for an ensemble, either in addition to or instead of lessons, continue to the Ensembles section below.

Please note that students enrolling for partner (two-student) or small group (three- or four-student) lessons are responsible for forming their own groups. Booking of partner and small group lessons cannot be confirmed until enrolment forms and tuition fees are received from all group members.
Tuition fees for students enrolling after the start of term (late enrolments) are pro-rated and depend on the number of weeks remaining in the term or year.
If partner or small group lesson (3-4 students), please list other group member name(s).

Lesson Two (if applicable)


Our opening hours are: Mon–Thu 10am–10 pm • Fri 10am–8pm • Sat 10am–6pm.


Please note that new students can join ensembles up to two weeks after their term start dates.


If using payment plan, how will you pay deposit?
For single-term payment plans, enrolment must take place before start of term.
How will you pay instalment payments?

Please note that if you choose to pay payment plan instalments by credit or debit card, the New School will temporarily store your card details for the duration of the payment plan. (These are securely stored and destroyed immediately after completion of the payment plan.)


reCAPTCHA is required.
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