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Trad Slow Sessions

at Waltons New School of Music

Our popular Trad Slow Sessions take place once a month on Friday evenings in the school, and both New School students and external students/players are welcome.

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About Our Sessions

The New School’s Trad Slow Sessions are traditional Irish music sessions in all ways except one: the tempo. We play the session tunes at a slower than normal pace (often less than half the speed), so that beginning and intermediate players can more easily learn the tunes and join in the session. More experienced players who wish to refine their techniques at a slower pace are also very welcome.

At many Irish traditional sessions the music is played at a fast tempo, which can be intimidating for newer players. Instead, our sessions are ‘softer and slower’ to facilitate the learning process in a friendly and supportive environment. Also, unlike many Irish sessions, those players who need to read the music can use it at the session, although ultimately our goal is to get everyone playing the music in the aural tradition so they can join other sessions. We limit the tunes to those on our tune list, which is updated periodically (see Tune List tab). This allows participants to practise the tunes between sessions. Learn as many or as few as you like!

Trad Slow Sessions take place once a month on Friday evenings at 6.30 – 8 pm in the school, and both New School students and external students/players are welcome. All sessions are supervised by a New School trad teacher.

Currently-enrolled students at the New School are asked to contribute €3 at each session, and external students/players are asked to contribute €6, to help expenses.

Trad Slow Session Details

  • Where Waltons New School of Music
    69 South Great George’s Street, Dublin 2
  • When Fridays, 6.30 – 8 pm
  • Fees €3 (New School students) • €6 (external students/players)
  • Level All levels welcome
  • Booking Advance booking is not required.
  • Payment Please pay on the day, at least 15 minutes before the Session begins.

2018-2019 Trad Slow Session Dates

12 October 2018
9 November 2018
7 December 2018
1 February 2019
1 March 2019
5 April 2019
17 May 2019
21 June 2019
12 July 2019

Trad Slow Session Tune List

Sheet music for the tunes listed below can be found in several printed collections, as well as on the The Session website.

The Clare Jig • Nóra Críona
The Rolling Wave • The Kesh Jig
Out on the Ocean • Over the Water to Charlie
Sliabh Russell • Jim Ward’s
Donald Blue • The Blacksmith
The Wise Maid • The Cup of Tea
Johnny’s Gone to France • Sporting Paddy
Sally Gardens • Silver Spear
Tripping to the Well • Neilí’s
The Wedding Polka • Prelude Polka
The Bog down in the Valley-O • Egan’s
Toureendarby • The Rambling Sailor
The Harvest Home • The Boys of Bluehill
Bonaparte’s March • The Fairies’ Hornpipe
The Swaggering Jig • The Kid on the Mountain The Lonesome Road to Dingle (Brosna)
• Danny Ab’s (O’Keefe’s)
Dobbin’s Flowery Vale
Fáinne Geal an Lae
The Mountains of Mourne
Tabhair dom do lámh
Marching to Drogheda
O’Neill’s March
Return from Fingal
The Princess Royal
Sí Bheag, Sí Mhór
Trad Slow Sessions
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