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Traditional • Folk
World Instruments Tuition

at Waltons New School of Music

‘There is only one way of becoming a traditional player or singer, and that is by listening to genuine material performed in a traditional manner.’
– Brendán Breathnach

‘I’m not interested in heritage – this stuff is alive.’
– Martin Carthy

Tuition Offered

The New School offers a diverse programme of Irish traditional, folk and world instruments tuition for beginner, intermediate and advanced students in:

  • Banjo (Irish/Tenor Banjo, Bluegrass/5-String Banjo)
  • Bodhrán
  • Button Accordion (Intensive Lessons only)
  • Concertina
  • Fiddle (Irish, Bluegrass)
  • Irish/Wooden Flute
  • Guitar (Trad, Folk, Blues, Flamenco)
  • Gypsy Violin
  • Harmonica (Diatonic, Chromatic)
  • Irish Harp
  • Low Whistle
  • Mandolin
  • Sean-nós Singing
  • Tin Whistle
  • Traditional/Folk Singing
  • Uilleann Pipes
  • Ukulele
  • World Percussion

Traditional and folk instrument tuition can also include preparation for Junior Cert. Music and Leaving Cert. Music practicals, and instrumental study at the school counts as the ‘personal skill’ challenge area for Gaisce – The President’s Award.

Our options for traditional, folk and world instruments tuition include:

  • Weekly private (one-to-one) lessons, 30, 45 or 60 minutes in length.
  • Small group lessons, designed for students at the same level of proficiency who enrol together, and available as 30- 45- or 60-minute ‘partner’ lessons, as well as 60-minute lessons for 3 or 4 students.
  • Single 1- or 2-hour Intensive Lessons for both individuals and small groups.
  • Seven group courses for beginners: Introducing 5-String Banjo, Introducing Bodhrán, Introducing Harmonica, Introducing Irish Fiddle, Introducing Tin Whistle, Introducing Ukulele and Introducing World Drumming.
  • Three group guitar courses for intermediate students: Acoustic Blues Guitar Basics, Flamenco Guitar Basics and Trad Guitar Basics

See Tuition Options for more information on private, partner and small group lessons, and Enrolment • Fees for tuition fees and enrolment forms.

Our ‘Basics’ courses for guitar provide thorough introductions to the styles for players with some previous experience:

Designed for absolute beginners of all ages and running since 1999, our Irish Music Tasters for individuals and groups are brief immersions in the world of Irish traditional music and have introduced hundreds of people from all over the world to its beautiful melodies and infectious rhythms. We offer the following options for both individuals and groups:

  • Bodhrán Taster (1 hour)
  • Tin Whistle Taster (1 hour)
  • Introduction to Irish Music (a talk/demonstration, 1 hour)
  • Combined Bodhrán + Tin Whistle Taster (2 hours)
  • Bodhrán Taster + Introduction (2 hours)
  • Tin Whistle Taster + Introduction (2 hours)
  • Combined Taster + Introduction (3 hours)

See Irish Music Tasters for more information.

Our Trad Slow Sessions are traditional Irish music sessions in all ways except one: the tempo. We play the session tunes at a slower than normal pace (usually less than half the speed), so that beginning and intermediate players can more easily learn the tunes and join in the session. More experienced players who wish to refine their techniques at a slower pace are also very welcome. Trad Slow Sessions, open to both New School and external students/players, take place once a month on Friday evenings.

See Trad Slow Sessions for more information.

  • Aoife Desmond • Irish fiddle, Introducing Irish Fiddle,
    Sounds Irish outreach workshop
  • Éamonn Galldubh • uilleann pipes, flute, tin whistle, low whistle,
    bodhrán, Irish Music Tasters, tin whistle outreach courses
  • Patrick Kiernan • 5-string/bluegrass banjo, 4-string/tenor banjo,
    mandolin, Introducing 5-String Banjo
  • Miguel Angel Lejarza • flamenco guitar, Flamenco Guitar Basics
  • Harry Long • tin whistle, low whistle, Introducing Tin Whistle,
    Irish Music Tasters
  • Cathy McEvoy • bluegrass fiddle, Irish fiddle
  • Michael McInerney • harmonica, acoustic blues & fingerstyle
    guitar, Introducing Harmonica, Acoustic Blues Guitar Basics
  • Ian McTigue • Sounds Irish and Drumming Around the World outreach workshops
  • Junshi Murakami • Irish harp
  • Niamh Ní Charra • concertina, Irish fiddle
  • Gary Norman • ukulele, Introducing Ukulele,
    ukulele outreach courses
  • Bríd O’Donnell • button accordion, tin whistle, Irish Music
    Tasters, tin whistle outreach courses
  • Lucie O’Flynn • Irish fiddle, Irish fiddle outreach courses
  • Oleg Ponomarev • Gypsy violin
  • John Sweeney bodhrán, tin whistle, trad guitar, Introducing
    Bodhrán, Trad Guitar Basics, Irish Music Tasters
  • Carmel Whelan • sean-nós singing, flute, tin whistle

Enrolment for tuition at Waltons New School of Music requires a completed enrolment form and, except for those students using payment plans, full payment of tuition fees.

Intensive Lesson and Irish Music Taster booking requires a completed booking form and deposit.

Private, Partner and Small Group Lessons • Ensembles


Group Courses


Intensive Lessons


Irish Music Tasters


Gift Certificates


Have you studied – or are you studying – a traditional, folk or world music instrument at the New School? We would appreciate it if you could take a few moments to give us your feedback in a brief online questionnaire about your experience here.


Other Information

Martin A. Walton Memorial Scholarships

Taking place in late May / early June each year, the New School’s annual Martin A. Walton Memorial Scholarship Competition awards full-year tuition scholarships in three categories:

  • Young Student of the Year (students aged 18 and under)
  • Mature Student of the Year (students aged 19 and over)
  • Most Promising Beginner (students who began studying their chosen instruments within the same academic year)

New School Ensemble Prize

This prize is awarded for the best performance in our scholarship competition by an instrumental, vocal or mixed ensemble made up of two or more students, as well as for progress over the previous school year.

New School Songwriting • Composition Prize

This prize is awarded for the most creative original composition or song for solo instrument, voice or ensemble, performed by the composer or songwriter alone or with ensemble for our scholarship competition.

See Scholarships • Prizes for more information.

Friday Casual Concerts

Our Friday Casual Concerts are a great opportunity for students to perform in public, in a relaxed and supportive setting, before friends, family and other students. These brief concerts take place once a month on Friday evenings at 7 pm in the school and allow individual students and ensembles to show off their skills and learn how to cope with nerves. They are also highly recommended for students preparing for grade exams.

End-of-Year Concert

Our End-of-Year Student Concert takes place in the National Concert Hall’s John Field Room each June and showcases some of our best students and ensembles, of all ages and in all music genres, as well as scholarship and prize winners in our Scholarship Competition. Performers are selected by their teachers and the school administration.

See School Concerts for more information.

Currently-enrolled students (and parents of students) are entitled to several useful benefits, including:

  • Discounts on Waltons World Masters Series Events
  • Discounts from Waltons Music
  • Discounts on Ensembles, Sessions and Music Theory Courses
  • Discounts on Practice Facilities
  • Discounts on City-Centre Parking

See Student Benefits for more information.

Outreach Courses

Our Outreach Programme includes several curricular and extra-curricular music courses to primary schools, post-primary schools and youth centres. We offer bodhrán, Irish fiddle, tin whistle and songwriting courses as part of the programme. See Outreach Courses for more information.

Outreach Workshop

Sounds Irish is an outreach workshop in Irish traditional music for primary schools and youth centres. The workshop features dynamic live demonstrations and allows participants to develop their musical awareness through the hands-on exploration of the forms, rhythms and instruments of Irish traditional music. See Outreach Workshops for more information.

Music at Work Programme

Music at Work is a unique programme that provides convenient and affordable music courses in Dublin-area workplaces. We offer bodhrán, Irish fiddle and tin whistle courses for absolute beginners as part of the programme. See Music at Work Programme for more information.

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