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Frequently Asked Questions about

Waltons New School of Music

How do I enrol?

First, you should decide what you would like to enrol for, and the fee. Group course and ensemble fees are listed in the relevant sections; private and group lesson fees are listed separately (see Enrolment • Fees). You can complete an enrolment form on the website or pick up a hard copy from the school office.

How do I know if a lesson or course is the right level for me?

Private lesson tuition, because it is one-to-one, is tailored to your skill level and previous musical experience (if any). Our Introducing courses for beginners are just that; in other words, they are designed for absolute beginners with no previous musical experience. If a class or ensemble is described as intermediate level, then some previous experience and training is expected. If you don’t know if your experience is enough to start at the level of an intermediate class, it is best to talk to us.

Where do lessons and classes take place?

Lessons, classes and workshops take place in Waltons New School of Music, 69 South Great George’s Street, or in our annex classrooms in the Centre of English Studies building, 31 Dame Street. (See our Location page for details.) You  will be notified when your enrolment is confirmed where your lessons or class will take place.

Classroom numbers are listed on our timetable, which is posted daily in the school, and generally do not change from week to week.

Where can I park?

The New School is located in Dublin city centre, and there are several car parks in our immediate vicinity, as well as limited on-street parking. The school has an agreement with Park Rite car parks that means all students, parents and faculty can avail of special student discount rates of €2 per hour or €10 per day at any of their Dublin car parks (the closest is on Drury Street, a three-minute walk to/from the school). To avail of these discounts, drop by the school office with your parking ticket, which we will stamp for you, and show it to a car park attendant when you leave.

Because of our central location, it is also very convenient to take public transport or travel to the school by bike. (There is also a Dublin Bikes station on Exchequer Street, a two-minute walk to/from the school.)

See our Location page for details.

How can I get there by public transport?

The New School is well served by public transport. The 16, 16A, 19, 19A, 65, 65B, 83 and 122 buses all stop nearby. The nearest LUAS stop is at St. Stephen’s Green, a five-minute walk to/from the school. The nearest DART stations are Pearse Street and Tara Street, both ten-minute walks to/from the school.

See our Location page for details.

Who is eligible for tuition discounts?

We offer a 10% discount on 30-minute private lessons to students who are 65 and over, are unemployed or are full-time third-level students (with valid identification). These discounts also apply to Lunchtime Lessons (30-minute lessons taken between 10 am and 2 pm, Monday – Friday) and to additional lessons taken by a single student or lessons taken by additional students from the same family. Discounts do not apply to partner lessons, small group lessons or group courses.

Tuition assistance based on financial circumstances is also available. See our Tuition Assistance Application for details.

What is the difference between group courses and small group lessons?

Group courses take place on fixed days/times, and students can enrol for them individually. Partner (two-person) and small group (three- or four-person) lessons can be scheduled for any day/time of week, subject to teacher availability, and students enrolling for them are responsible for forming their own groups.

Partner and small group lessons cannot be confirmed until enrolment forms and tuition fees are received from all group members.

Are there sequels to your beginners’ group courses?

If enough students in a group course are interested, a continuation or ‘improvers’ group course can generally be scheduled, subject to teacher and timetable availability, although this will not generally take place at the same time as the previous course.

If we are unable to schedule a continuation course or there are not enough students to do so, you can enrol for private (one-to-one), partner or small group lessons with other course participants. Group course teachers discuss these options with their students two weeks before the courses are due to finish.

Are the same courses offered every year?

It is not always possible to know as much as a year in advance whether a particular course will be offered, and we are constantly developing new courses and modifying existing ones. Our best recommendation is to try to take the course when it is offered. Be aware, also, that in order to improve instruction most of our group courses have strict enrolment limits, so we suggest early enrolment if you know you want to be in a particular class.

How can I find out what you are offering next term or next year?

While we try to plan our schedule of lessons and courses well in advance, it is not always possible to know as much as a year in advance whether a course will be offered. Summer Term lessons and courses are available on our website by early May, and the next year’s lessons and courses by mid-July, at which time printed information will also be available.

Does the school accept foreign students?

Yes. Foreign students who are living or studying in Ireland are welcome at the New School. However, it is not possible to apply for a student visa to study at the school alone, as we do not offer the option of full-time study.

Most of what is taught in instrumental or vocal lessons can be demonstrated or explained in relatively simple language, and an A1 or A2 level of language proficiency (basic user) is generally sufficient. However, tuition in theory and musicianship requires a higher level of language proficiency.

How accessible is the school?

The school building is Victorian, and accessibility is limited. However, there is a stairlift from the ground-floor entrance to the first floor, where the school office and two of our classrooms are located, another small stairlift down to our largest classroom and Friday Casual Concert venue, and an accessible toilet. We may be able to arrange music lessons for a person with mobility difficulties in one of our first-floor classrooms. Please contact the school office for more information.


My question isn't listed here. How can I get more information?

Please contact our administrative staff by phone (01 478 1884), using our Contact Form or in person, and we will be happy to advise you.

Office Hours

First – Third Terms
Monday – Thursday • 10 am – 8 pm
Friday and Saturday • 10 am – 6 pm

Summer Term
Monday • 10 am – 6 pm
Tuesday – Thursday • 10 am – 8 pm
Friday 10 am – 6 pm

Administrative Staff

Josephine Boyle
Eimear Kelly
David Mooney
Sarah Walsh

John Mardirosian


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