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Enrolment Form

Group Courses for Adults • Teens

Please complete this form if you would like to enrol yourself or your child in a group course during our 2017-2018 Third Term (April-June 2018).

Please note:

  1. This is an enrolment – not an enquiry – form, so please complete it only if you intend to enrol yourself or your child. If you would like to make an enquiry about one of our group courses, please use our contact form instead.
  2. Submission of this form does not guarantee a place, and full payment of the Course Fee or Course + Instrument Fee is required to confirm your, or your child’s, enrolment. We are not able to hold places on group courses provisionally.
  3. Phone the school office on +353 (0)1 478 1884 as soon as possible after submitting this form to arrange payment.

Your Information • Contact Details
Course Choice


Please use dd/mm/yyyy format.
(if student is under 18)
(parent's if student under 18)
Please describe your / your child's previous music experience and/or education (if any). Write 'None' if a beginner.
If enrolment is for instrumental tuition, do you have an instrument to practise at home?
If there are other members of your immediate family enrolling, please list them here.
Do you / does your child have a medical condition or special requirements that we should be aware of?
Please tick all that apply.


Starting 16 – 21 April 2018.
Starting 16 – 18 April 2018.
Starting 18 – 19 April.
Students concurrently enrolled for private or group tuition receive a 40% discount off our Music Fundamentals and Sight Singing Made Easy courses. If you are / your child is also enrolling for private or group tuition, please write the instrument, subject or course here.
Starting 19 April 2018.

If you or your child took one of the New School’s group courses in the previous term or year and you would like to continue, please add the title of the previous course, its day and time, and the teacher's name.
Please let us know what day(s) you are available to take the course. (We are more likely to be able to arrange continuation courses if previous course students can be relatively flexible.)


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