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Student Benefits

at Waltons New School of Music

Currently-enrolled students (and parents of students) at the New School are entitled to the following useful benefits:

  • Discounts on Waltons World Masters Series Events
  • Discounts from Waltons Music
  • Discounts on Ensembles, Sessions, Music Theory Courses
  • Discounts on Practice Facilities
  • Discounts on City-Centre Parking

Click on the tabs for more information.

Discounts on Waltons World Masters Series Events

Since 2003, the New School’s acclaimed World Masters Series has brought to Ireland some of the world’s most extraordinary musicians and performing groups. Currently-enrolled students (and parents of students) receive 20% discounts when booking tickets for any Waltons World Masters Series event. To avail of this discount, please drop by the school office or email us at with your name, the concert that you would like to attend, and the subject, day and time of your lesson or course. We will give you a discount code, which you should then provide when booking online, by phone or in person. A maximum of four tickets per student per concert may be purchased under this scheme.

Discounts from Waltons Music

Because of the New School’s relationship with Waltons Music, currently-enrolled students are entitled to discounts on instruments, accessories and books sold by Waltons.

Discounts, by brand, are listed below, along with links to brand pages on the Waltons Music website. In order to receive a discount, please ask the school office for a letter from the school, which you should bring to Waltons Music in Blanchardstown to obtain your discount.

Please note that no discounts are available on Roland and Yamaha instruments and equipment (except Yamaha Reconditioned Pianos), as well as Royal Irish Academy of Music books, which are sold at a fixed price. All discounts are subject to change.

Akord Kvint String Instruments & Bows 5%
Alfred Music Books 5%
AMA Verlag Books 5%
An Gúm Books 5%
APC Mandolins & Bouzoukis 5%
Apextone Stands, etc. 10%
Artec Amps & Pedals 5%
Ashbury Mandolins 5%
Associated Board Books & CDs 5%
Aulos Recorders 5%
Beta Amps 10%
Boosey & Hawkes Books 10%
Boston Music Books 5%
Brass Wind Publications 5%
Cairde Na Cruite Books 5%
Camac Harps 5%
Cambridge University Press Books 5%
Cherub Tuners 10%
Chester Music Books 5%
Classic Stands & Stools 10%
CNB Cases & Covers 10%
Cole Clarke Guitars 5%
Comhaltas Books 5%
Contemporary Music Centre Books 5%
D’Addario Strings 5%
Ddrum Drums 5%
De Haske Books 5%
Dean Guitars 5%
Deering Banjos 5%
Dixon Whistles 10%
Dr Parts Guitar & Bass Parts 5%
Duende Percussion 5%
Dunlop Accessories 10%
Dunlop Pedals 10%
Dunlop Strings 10%
DXP Drums Kits 5%
DXP Stands & Drumsticks 10%
Edition Peters Books 5%
Elixir Guitar Strings 10%
Epiphone 5%
Ernie Ball Guitar Strings 10%
Eulenberg Books 5%
Examtrak Books 5%
Faber Books 5%
Fender 5%
Fentone Books 5%
Focusrite Music Technology 3%
Folens Books 5%
G. Schirmer Books 5%
Gator Guitar, Bass & Keyboard Cases 10%
Generation Whistles 5%
Gibson Guitars & Basses 5%
Graphtech Guitar Accessories 10%
Hal Leonard Books 5%
Herco Brass & Wind Accessories 5%
Hidersine Rosin 5%
Hohner Harmonicas 5%
Hotone Pedals 5%
Huang Harmonicas 5%
Intelli Tuners 5%
JTS Mics 5%
Juno Reeds 5%
Kawai Reconditioned Pianos 5%
Kevin Mayhew Books 5%
Klaro Books 5%
KRK Monitors 5%
Kurzweil 5%
LAG Guitars & Basses 10%
Lee Oskar Harmonicas 5%
Leem Leads & Mics 10%
Leem PA & Pedals 5%
MadHouse Pick-ups 5%
Mahalo Ukuleles 10%
Marcato 5%
Marshall Amps 5%
Martin Guitars 5%
Martin Strings 10%
Martini 5%
Maxtone 5%
McBrides Accordions, Guitars, Harps 5%
McBrides Banjos, Flutes, Mandolins 10%
Mel Bay Books 5%
Merida Guitars 5%
Mesa Boogie Amps 5%
Music Sales Books 5%
Novation Controllers 5%
Novello Books 5%
Oakman Straps 10%
Olympia Strings 10%
Ossian Books 5%
Oxford University Press Books 5%
Partsland 5%
Platinum Stands 10%
Prodipe Microphones, Radio Systems & Speakers 10%
Raimundo Guitars 10%
Remo Percussion 10%
Rock House DVDs 5%
Saldo Bows 10%
Samick 5%
Savarez Strings 5%
Schaller Accessories 5%
Schertler Amps 5%
Schott Books 10%
Seery Flutes 5%
Sennheiser 5%
Session 5%
Seymour Duncan Pick-ups 5%
Shadow Pick-ups 10%
Shubb Capos 10%
Silk Road Leads 5%
Skylark 5%
Squier Guitars & Basses 5%
Stage Ninja 5%
Stainer & Bell Books 5%
Steiner Violins 5%
Suzuki 10%
SX 10%
Takamine Guitars 5%
Taylor Guitars 5%
Terre World Instruments 5%
Thomastik Strings 5%
TKL Instrument Covers 5%
Tycoon Percussion 10%
Universal Edition Books 5%
Usbourne Books 5%
Valencia Instruments 10%
Vandoran Reeds 10%
Vic Firth Drumsticks 5%
Vivace Brass & Wind Instruments 10%
Waltons Bodhráns, Tin Whistles & Books 10%
Weltmeister Accordions 5%
Willis Music Books 5%
Wise Publications 5%
Wolf Shoulder Rests 5%
Xing Cymbals 5%
Yamaha Reconditioned Pianos 5%
Young Chang Pianos 5%
Zildjian Cymbals 5%
Zoom Digital Recorders 5%

Discounts on Ensembles, Sessions, Music Theory Courses

Currently-enrolled students taking other lessons or courses at the school receive 50% discounts on the tuition fees for our ensembles and sessions:

Students receive 40% discounts on the tuition fees of theory/musicianship courses:

Discounts on Practice Facilities

Currently-enrolled students receive discounts on both ten-hour practice tickets and on single (hourly) bookings. The following rates apply:

Practice Tickets: €50 (non-student rate: €80)
Hourly Rates: €6 (non-student rate: €10)

Students also have the option of hiring other school instruments (cello, drum kit, guitar, Irish harp, piano accordion, etc.) for an additional €2 per hour.

See Practice • Rehearsal Facilities for more information.

Discounts on City-Centre Parking

The New School has an agreement with Park Rite car parks that all students, parents and faculty can avail of special student discount rates of €2 per hour or €10 per day at any of their Dublin car parks. (The closest is on Drury Street, a two-minute walk; see our Location page.) To avail of these discounts, simply drop by the school office with your parking ticket, which we will stamp for you, and show it to the car park attendant.

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