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Gift Certificates

Please complete this form if you would like to purchase a Gift Certificate for a term of private lessons, one or more Intensive Lessons, a group course or ensemble, or an Irish Music Taster.

Phone the school office on +353 (0)1 478 1884 as soon as possible after submitting this form to arrange payment.

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Please note that an additional €2.50 postage and handling charge applies for Gift Certificates posted to Irish addresses, and a €5 postage and handling charge applies to foreign addresses.


If uncertain, just tick 'General'.
You can guarantee a place on a particular course (if available), by specifying the term (First, Second, Third or Summer) and class day/time (if more than one is available). The recipient will then be enrolled for that particular class, and the enrolment will not be transferable. If you do not know which term/day/time would suit the recipient, please leave the term and day/time blank. The gift certificate recipient can then contact us to arrange his/her enrolment. Note that some group courses require previous musical experience.


  1. A Gift Certificate entitles the recipient to the specified number of private lessons, Intensive Lessons, Irish Music Tasters, group course, workshop or ensemble and is valid for one calendar year from date of purchase.
  2. A Gift Certificate does not guarantee the recipient a place on our private lesson timetable or in a particular group course, workshop or ensemble, and he/she will need to formally enrol at the school after receiving the gift certificate.
  3. Should no suitable places be available on our private lesson timetable or in a particular group course, workshop or ensemble, the recipient can choose either to take lessons in another instrument or another course, workshop or ensemble, or to take his/her tuition at a later date.
  4. Gift Certificates have no cash value and may be redeemed only for the specified lessons, course, workshop or ensemble, or tuition of equivalent value.

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