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Application Form

Tuition Assistance

Waltons New School of Music offers tuition assistance based on financial need. In order to be considered for tuition assistance, please complete and return this application form, along with copies of the required documents listed below. If you have / your child has previously studied music either at the New School or elsewhere, please include a reference letter from the music teacher as well. Providing information in this application does not enrol you or your child in Waltons New School of Music. A separate enrolment form must also be submitted.

The information contained in this application and supporting materials will be kept strictly confidential.

Your Information
Financial Information
Supporting Documents


(if student is under 18)
(parent's if student under 18)




Please provide an explanation and verification (copies of bills, receipts, etc.)


Following are the terms and conditions for Tuition Assistance at the New School:

  1. Applications for assistance are considered on an ongoing basis but must be submitted at least one month before the intended starting date.
  2. In general, the range of tuition assistance awards will be between 20% and 40% of the total tuition fee(s) for those who qualify.
  3. Tuition assistance applications for year-enrolled students will be prioritised over those of term-enrolled students.
  4. Any assistance received is applied as a tuition discount and is not given to the student in the form of cash.
  5. Recipients of tuition assistance must reapply each academic year.
  6. A tuition assistance award is contingent on the student’s progress and full participation in all lessons, classes and/or ensembles for which the student is registered.
  7. If there is a reduction in the lesson length or number of lessons, the award will be reduced accordingly. Any increase in lesson length or number of lessons will not necessarily result in a proportionate increase in tuition assistance.
  8. A student who withdraws prior to the completion of a term or year will not receive credit on his/her tuition assistance for subsequent enrolment and is not eligible to re-apply for tuition assistance.
  9. Tuition assistance recipients may use payment plans, but failure to make payments in a timely manner will result in withdrawal of tuition assistance.
  10. Tuition assistance may be withdrawn at any time if, in the opinion of the teacher and school administration, the recipient fails to meet minimum standards expected by his/her teacher and the school.
  11. The granting of tuition assistance does not guarantee assistance in the future.
  12. All school decisions regarding tuition assistance are final, and no correspondence will be entered into.
Please confirm that you have read and agree to these terms & conditions, certify that the information provided in this form and all accompanying documents is correct and understand that false, misleading and/or incomplete information is grounds for non-consideration or forfeiture of all tuition assistance awards.


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