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Music Technology
Private & Intensive Lessons

at Waltons New School of Music

Would you like to make the most of your home recording hardware or software? (Or have you thought of purchasing equipment but don’t know what would suit your needs and budget?) Would you like to produce a demo or other recording project? (Or have you produced one already but weren’t happy with it?)

With the rapid development of affordable, high-quality recording and production equipment, more and more people are producing their own music. Amateur and professional musicians who lacked any previous knowledge of the intricacies of the recording process are now becoming studio specialists in their own homes.

As a result of this, the New School offers both ongoing private (one-to-one) lessons and one-off Intensive Lessons in music and home recording technology. Taking place in our Music Technology Lab, lessons can take you through a recording project from start to finish or cover particular areas, including:

  • Getting the most from your music software
  • MIDI programming and sequencing
  • Sampling
  • Microphone techniques and placement
  • Mixing principles and practices
  • Diagnosing and solving problems with existing mixes
  • General production and arrangement advice and assistance
  • Choosing gear and software packages for the home studio
  • Music notation

Students can take a term or more of private lessons or single Intensive Lessons.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees are listed in the Enrolment • Fees section of our website and depend on the length of lessons as well as the duration (number of terms) of enrolment:

Fees are charged as our standard private lesson or Intensive Lesson fees plus an additional technology lab fee (payable on enrolment) of €8 per hour. For example, the fee for a 12-week term of 60-minute private lessons in music technology is the private lesson fee plus €96.

Music Technology Private and Intensive Lessons
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