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Ana Moura

Waltons World Masters Series

‘Moura honours the tradition of fado even as she peers into its future.’
– Global Rhythm

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When Thursday, 19 January 2012
Where National Concert Hall, Dublin, Main Auditorium
Presented by Waltons New School of Music
Supported by RTÉ lyric fm, Sunday Independent, Dublin Conrad Hotel

This concert was recorded for broadcast by RTÉ lyric fm.

Ana Moura Group

Ana Moura • Vocals
Angelo Freire • Guitarra (Portuguese Guitar)
José Elmiro Nunes • Acoustic Guitar
Filipe Larsen • Acoustic Bass Guitar

‘Sorrow wrapped in guitar filigree, elegant romance with a tragic undercurrent – that’s the tradition of Portuguese fado that Ana Moura joins. [Her] fado never forgets about the music’s past, but it lives in the moment.’
– The New York Times

‘The first thing that hits you is her voice: textured, powerful, possessed of extraordinary clarity.’
– Songlines

Ana Moura

An evocative Portuguese blues music that emerged from the brothels and taverns of Lisbon two centuries ago, fado is in the midst of a glorious renaissance, and Ana Moura is the music’s brightest young star. Her luxuriant voice and passionate stage presence have won her a huge international following, drawn by her ability to cross over into other styles while retaining fado’s deep emotional commitment. Moura’s rapid ascent to global stardom has seen her perform in major concert halls all over the world and made fans and collaborators of The Rolling Stones and Prince, who travelled to Lisbon to work with her. Ana Moura is pouring her heart and soul into an ancient style, earning fado a well-deserved seat at the world’s bountiful musical feast.

Fado’s Next All-Conquering Star
‘If you undertook some scientific research to discover which of the planet’s musics was the most heartbreaking, the boffins would surely decree that that distinction resided with that most mournful of styles – fado. And Portugal has no shortage of young women queuing up to express their angst through the medium of fado, no doubt one eye on the international success of fadista-in-chief, Mariza. Ana Moura, one of the country’s most cherished exponents of the style, has a more tender vocal style than her world-beating compatriot, a sweet lyricism softening each syllable, easing the sadness. Not that she lives in splendid isolation creating her anguished art – that diminutive pixie of pop Prince has travelled to Lisbon to express his willingness to collaborate with her, while Ana also sang onstage with Mick Jagger when the Stones swung by her hometown. The melancholy charms of fado get to us all.’

– Nige Tassell, Womad 2011

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Ana Moura
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