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Bobby McFerrin – Solo

Waltons World Masters Series

‘Bobby McFerrin’s greatest gift to his audience may be changing them from spectators into celebrants and transforming a concert hall into a playground, a village center, a joyous space.’
– Los Angeles Times

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When Tuesday, 5 July 2005
Where National Concert Hall, Dublin, Main Auditorium
Presented by Waltons New School of Music
Supported by RTÉ Radio 1, The Irish Times, Brooks Hotel

This concert was recorded for broadcast by RTÉ Radio 1.

‘Mr. McFerrin is a musical phenomenon who seems to be constantly in a process of defining himself as, veering between jazz and classical music, he uses his extraordinary vocal abilities to become a kind of one-man band.…[His] signature is pure enthusiasm. No matter what kind of music he happens to be performing or witnessing, he throws himself into it totally, his infectious smile challenging the audience to enjoy the performance as much as he does. Mozart or Gershwin, it doesn’t matter. Simply listen and be moved; get down with it.’
– New York Times

‘McFerrin views music like an artist views a landscape: looking for ways to capture the uniqueness of the ordinary…. His vocal mastery is so complete that seeing him perform is unabashed fun.’
– Philadelphia Tribune

Bobby McFerrin

Bobby McFerrin is a natural wonder of the music world – a vocal explorer who has combined jazz, classical and world music influences with his gift for creating entirely new sounds. Winner of ten Grammy Awards, creator of one of the most popular songs in recent memory (‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’) and a world-renowned conductor, McFerrin has collaborated with a range of artists as broad as his imagination – from Yo-Yo Ma and the Vienna Philharmonic to Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock and Robin Williams. Featuring his four-octave vocal range, his comedian’s sense of timing and his vast array of musical techniques, McFerrin’s solo concerts are each unique events that resonate with the unexpected. He is that rare artist who has the ability to reach beyond musical genres and stereotypes for a sound that is entirely his own. This was his first solo performance in Ireland.

Bobby McFerrin
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